PS3 magic scam

Are you a Playstation 3 user? Then you might have heard about PS3 Magic. The developers claim that it is the best product for those who want to have Linux on their gaming console. We have reviewed many digital products, so we decided to review PS3 magic and find out whether it is a genuine product or a scam.

We reviewed the features, ease of use and bonuses of PS3 Magic.

PS3 Magic features
PS3 Magic comes with a lot of features that help you turn your PS3 into a powerful PC. Once installed it, you can use your gaming console for playing movies, music and DVDs. It allows you to make use of the pre installed web browsing functionality that comes with all Linux versions. You can type Word documents and print them directly from your PS3.

PS3 Magic has been updated to allow you to run Windows on your PS3. This feature lets you download and run different applications and gives you a regular desktop like feel.

PS3 Magic allows you to connect with your friends and talk with them on an instant messaging program. Its dual boot feature lets you choose the operating system you want to run. This is the most convenient feature we have ever found. It lets you move from one operating system to another.

Keeps your warranty intact
Installing Linux on your gaming console will not void your warranty. Hence, there is no risk in installing the operating system on your PS3. This is a clear proof for the genuineness of PS3 magic.

Ease of use
It is very easy to install the operating system on your gaming console with this software. You just need to follow the instructions provided. You can use it even if you do not have any technical knowledge. T it does not also require you to modify any hardware. Ps3 Magic requires you to put very little effort to get whatever you want to get in your PS3. You can download lots of applications and use them, whilst enjoying the same gaming experience.

PS3 Magic lets you get free updates as and when any new features are added, so you can run it efficiently always.

You can get some bonuses, while buying this software product. “how to backup saved games from a PS3 to a pc” is one of the bonus programs that  helps you understand how to backup your saved game files and protect them against risks. How to backup PS3 games is another bonus program that helps you load the backup games easily.

PS3 Magic – why it is great?
According to my in-depth analysis, we feel that PS3 Magic is an excellent product. The price of PS3 Magic is very affordable.  It is a cheaper alternative to buying a new computer. You can use it for as many PS3 as you want. There is no restriction for it. It comes with 60day money back guarantee, so there is no risk to give a try. 

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