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PS3 Magic is an innovative software guide that helps you install Linux operating system into your Play Sttaion3.  Many people find it a very useful product.  Continue reading this to know what the users are saying about it.

Baldwin from Lancaster
Hi there, I bought my PS3 few weeks ago. I knew it was worth for my money. But I didn’t know that it can be turned to a powerful PC. Thanks to PS3 Magic, I uploaded my operating system easily onto my gaming console.  I just followed the instructions provided in the pack. It was so simple and I liked its user friendliness. I started browsing the net from my PS3 that evening itself. Amazing product. Excellent value for money. I will definitely recommend to my friends.

Alan from Manchester
I downloaded and installed PS3 Magic two days back. Now I am able to listen to my favourite music, view movies and type documents in Words from my Play Station 3. PS3 Magic does not hinder my gaming experience. The emulator programs help me play every game on my console. I am using lots of applications that are specially made for a PC in my PS3. The best part I liked is that PS3 Magic helped me to install Linux within one hour.

Samuel, Norwich
Hi everyone, I didn’t even think that it would be possible to install Linux in the PS3. When I was surfing the net, I came across this ground breaking product. AS the price seems to be reasonable, I downloaded it. The installation process was so simple that I did nothing but following the instructions. Wow, Now I can use my PS3 like a computer.

Nancy, Salford
I just had a chance to hear about this PS3 Magic Linux product. I was wondering whether to buy it or not.  Two days later I decided to buy it, because I am a freelance writer. I have to type a lot of office documents and send it via emails.  My computer crashed down last week and I didn’t have money to invest in a new one. PS3 Magic gives money back guarantee, so I felt there is no risk in downloading it. The product didn’t disappoint me. It has solved all my problems without spending a lot of money.

Patrick, New Alresford, Winchester
I have a Playstation 3 and computer at home. I bought PS3 Magic to look for a cheap way to get another computer at home. My wife and children used the computer, so I don’t always get it whenever I need. But they usually do not touch my PS3. Hence, I was more curious about this PS3 magic Linux product. I wanted to give a try. To my delight, it works great. As it is on Linux platform, i am now able to run some of the free Linux applications. It is definitely worth investing. Moreover, it is much cheaper than buying a new computer.

Jason, Elmbridge, Gloucester
Hey guys, I bought this PS3 Magic last week only. I never write any reviews or testimonials, but this product is so amazing that I felt like sharing it with others. It turns my gaming console into a super computer within an hour. 

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