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If you wish to transform your PS3 into a powerful Linux platform, reach out for the PS3 Magic software. PS3 comes in a stylish design and is now no more just a gaming console. It is possible to convert it into a powerful PC with the help of PS3 Magic software. Many still use this console only for the purpose of playing games for which it was originally designed. They are not aware of the immense possibilities that PS3 has on offer.

You can do just about anything your PC can do combining Linux operating system with PS3. The process of installation is very simple and doing this offers a variety of possibilities and benefits.

On Playstation 3, only a few formats are recognized while running the default operating system. More formats such as WMV and Quick Time become readable as you install the Linux OS on your PS3. In other words, you can now play various formats on your console.

As Linux comes with pre-installed web browsing, installing this operating system on PS3 will enable you to access popular browsing platforms such as Firefox and Internet Explorer. These fast and efficient browsers are capable of outperforming PS3’s default browser.

Installing Linux on PS3 with the PS3 Magic software, you can handle your word processing efficiently. You can install word processors like Open Office or Microsoft Word and also directly print out the document from PS3. It is also possible to print out pictures and files from your PS3.

Linux offers unlimited options on PS3. This means, you can install any number of applications and games that are compatible with Linux. You can play Sega and a variety of other games. You can chat on Yahoo, MSN and any other IM.

At start-up, you can also choose the operating system you wish to run. You can use the PS3 default Operating System to play games and use Linux for your daily computing work. Ask anyone who is using Linux on PS3 and you will know that it is not at all a risky preposition. Using PS3 Magic to install Linux does not void your warranty on the console.

There is a strong reason why 8 CPU cores were used by Sony to construct the PS3. This gaming console was intended to be a multi-functional super computer. The first step towards this is to install Linux on this console.

Many have tried to install Linux on PS3 on their own. They have given up in frustration after trying installing this OS on their console with the help of spam guides. PS3 Magic solves the problem in one stroke. This software guide is the best option for installing Linux on PS3. It is easy to use and will take you step by step through the simple process.

All you have to do is to download PS3 Magic and run it even as you are guided through clear instructions on the screen. PS3 Magic can be used on as many PS3 gaming consoles as you want. So, what are you waiting for? Reach out for this wonderful software guide and transform your Play Station gaming console into a multi-functional PC.

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