Sins of a Solar Empire: Game of the Year Edition [IBM PC Compatible]

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Sins of a Solar Empire

In Sins of a Solar Empire, gamers must conquer planets and defeat their enemies to become the most menacing force in space. Both single- and multiplayer action takes place in real-time, and gamers may choose to play alone or challenge friends to a "domination fest." To survive the hostile world, players must align with one of three factions: The Advent, the Vasari Empire, or the Trade Emergency Coalition. Each group is vying for top spot and may use force, technological research, democracy, alliances, and devious trickery to obtain the position. For example, the game features a bounty hunting system where gamers may silently offer a reward for the destruction of a particularly annoying enemy unit. Players who would rather stay honest may use the diplomacy system to compromise with their adversaries instead of gaining power through illicit actions. Aside from combat, gamers colonize planets and harness resources that can improve a variety of their faction's functions. The "Game of the Year Edition" also includes a tech-tree poster and a CD featuring music from the game. ~ Gracie Leach, All Game Guide


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