Tokyo Beat Down Nintendo DS (Dual-Screen)

Tokyo Beat Down is a beat-'em-up game, with colorful 3D graphics and a side-scrolling play style inspired by arcade-era classics such as Double Dragon or Streets of Rage. The art and story evoke gritty '70s cop shows, with flared cuffs, feathered hair, and a maverick style of police work that's not always "by the book." Throughout the game's stages, players take control of different characters, collectively known as the "Beast Cops," who make it their business to meet crime in the streets, where it lives, and kick its butt mercilessly. Such crime comes in the form of countless thugs and goons, who pop out of hiding unexpectedly or team up to swarm the hero as he progresses through the level, and also in the form of tough boss characters with tricky moves to master. In addition to punches, kicks, and combos, guns become available in many places throughout the game, for a side-scrolling shooter break between bare fist beat downs.

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Tokyo Beat Down


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