Wii repairs

Video game consoles are one of our favorite big boy toys, among with computers and cars.  You don’t have to have majored in electronics to perform Wii repairs. It’s not a difficult process at all.

In fact, when you realize that you don’t have to understand all the complexities behind it, it becomes a very simple process, really.

Think about some basic repairs you can do to other equipment or machines. For example, changing a tire. It doesn’t require you to understand how gas is burned and transformed into motion, does it?

And how about those favor that some relatives ask you, which are really easy to do? Like connecting the DVD, resetting the microwave oven or even sending an attachment with an e-mail? They can’t do those things not because they’re extremely difficult or extenuating, but because they just don’t know how to do it and they believe the process that they need to go through in order to learn how to do it is not worth the trouble.

Of course, you know it doesn’t take much to learn how to do it and you explain them that you’d love to teach them, but they still refuse and just ask you or someone to do the favor for them

Well, performing Wii repairs is very similar. You might think it takes 5 years of study at a university and complex instruments, but it doesn’t. Like changing a tire, all it takes is to learn a small process from someone that knows how to do it.

There are several types of Wii repairs, and each one requires a different process. This might sound a bit difficult, but each process is very easy. It mostly requires identifying the problem. After that, conducting the appropriate Wii repairs is simple and repetitive.

Back to the car example, if your car had a flat tire you will conduct a different type of process than the one you would if your car ran out of battery. Yet, if you know how to do them, both are simple and relatively short.

The same applies to Wii repairs. You will take different steps if your Wii froze in midgame than if your Wii remote turns off by itself. Yet, each process is simple, fast and easy to carry out IF you know how to do it.

We took the problem of finding out all those small processes and put them together in Nintendo Fix Wii guide. Regardless of the nature of the Wii repair, be it a controller or a console problem, now you can fix it yourself.

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