World Ends with You Nintendo (Dual-Screen)

The power of the mind is the greatest power of all -- especially for a psychic like Neku Sakuraba. Yet by that same truth, a lack of knowledge and understanding can pose great danger. In The World Ends with You, a modern-themed console-style role-playing game from the makers of the latter-day Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts games, players take the role of the 15-year old Neku, who wakes suddenly to find himself in a busy Tokyo mall. Before he has a chance to even get his bearings, he receives a cryptic text message threatening his demise if he does not complete a mysterious mission. Designed specifically for the DS handheld, The World Ends With You features a stylus-driven interface that allows players to control two characters simultaneously in battle. Combat is waged with psychic powers, and collectable pins can be equipped to augment and add to the abilities of Neku and the allies he finds as he progresses in his given task. Characters can be customized with modern, music-inspired fashions, such as hip-hop or electronica, to match the game's original soundtrack. An included mini-game, "Ten Pin Slammer," can be played by up to three DS gamers through a local wireless connection.

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World Ends with You


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