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Two former U.S. Army Rangers, Elliot Salem and Tyson Rios, have turned to the lucrative yet deadly business of mercenary work in EA's Army of Two. As hired guns for a private military corporation, players must utilize teamwork and tactics to survive while behind enemy lines. In addition to traditional co-op moves such as providing cover fire or lifting up a partner to reach higher ground, players will throw guns or ammo clips to their partner, administer first aid, and even link body armor together for defensive maneuvers. The cooperative element is further enhanced with the shared "aggro meter," allowing more aggressive players to attract the enemy's focus or "hate" while the other is free to perform support maneuvers. Dozens of weapons can be customized, enhanced, and shared, from attachments such as laser scopes and silencers to detailing like chrome and gold plating.

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Army of Two - [Xbox 360]

Army of Two features multiple international locales, including China, Somalia, and even Miami. Vehicles such as jeeps, tanks, and hovercrafts are also available throughout each mission, with one mercenary driving and the other shooting. Solo players can issue voice commands directly to their AI-controlled teammate via headset. Teammates can be ordered to advance, hold position, regroup, and more, with both aggressive and defensive stances available as well. Online support is included for both cooperative play and for multiplayer-specific games. The latter supports four players (two teams of two) in competitive matches that involve eliminating terrorists, rescuing hostages, or destroying specific items. The goal is to complete the objective before the rival team, earning cash along the way to spend on both weapon and armor upgrades.

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