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With Flight sims advancing it is becoming closer to reality.  I recently begun playing Pro Flight Simulatorand it is the most Lifelike Flight sim game that I have ever played.  This Flying simulator software is even used by some Professional Flight Schools.  I have played just about every flight sim game and not any of them match up to this one.  ProFlight has 20,000 real world airports that you can take off from or land at.  There is over 120 different aircrafts to select from such as helicopters, light planes, airliners, military aircrafts, and even jets.  Or you can even design your own aircraft!   The main thing that makes ProFlight Simulator stand out from the rest of the other Flying Simulators is the scenery.  They put an unbelievable amount of details into this game.  And you can tell it especially when you are flying in the rain, wind, snow or lightning. Even the aircraft reactions and planetary alignments are genuine.  Also your aircraft is correctly positioned with the stars, sun and moon based off the time on the clock on your computer and seasonal effects also take place, in some parts of the world there will be 24 hour daylight depending on the season.  You can also change the time of day, weather, and many other environmental settings.  I can spend hours flying around Viewing the scenery and landmarks.  On occasion I fly over my own house, but you will need the full scenery add-on.  The regular version is limited to the San Francisco area. 

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ProFlightSimulator Game

The cockpit goes into incredible details.  The controls in the cockpit was a little staggering at first due to they are based on the controls of a cockpit that you would predict to see in a real airplane.  After a couple hours they do get a little easier though.  I wouldn't let that stop you from playing this game though.  With the amount of detail they put into this game a little difficulty playing is expected.  The videos in the member section will help you also.  Many throttles, yokes, pedals, joysticks, etc are supported.  They made controlling the aircraft a lot easier for me and also a lot more realistic.  Or you can just use your keyboard, but I would advise getting some type of controls.

Online play is also an option if you get bored of flying by yourself.  You can fly in formation with other online players or even do air to air refueling.  ProFlightSimulator Online also can also be integrated with Google maps that will show your location and where other online players are.  They also update the game regularly and updates are free for life!  There are no monthly charges and you will receive lifetime membership.  Also in the members area you will have access to Video Tutorials.

Here is a list of operating systems that are supported by Pro Flight Simulator; Windows 95 / 98 / 2000 / ME / XP / Vista / Windows 7.   Also after ordering you can start downloading the game so there is no need to wait on delivery.

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