Bigs Playstation 3 PS3

2K Sports and Blue Castle Games bring arcade baseball to home consoles with The Bigs. The game features high-energy animations and faster gameplay than traditional baseball games as well as larger than life players and stadiums. The primary game mode is the career-oriented Rookie Challenge, where gamers take a young player from spring training all the way to the World Series, with NBA Jam-style stops in every city along the way. Each stop provides three different challenges, and winning all three allows gamers to "steal" a player from the opposing team to help build an all-star squad. Defeating teams also opens up mini-games where players can earn points to upgrade their rookie in five key areas. Other game modes include exhibition, split-screen home run derby, multiplayer online support for up to four people, and a pinball-inspired mode set in Times Square.

Developed by many of the same people behind EA Sports' MVP Baseball series, The Bigs is designed to highlight and accentuate the specific identities of individual players, teams, and stadiums. Star players have been given a heroic panache, teams known for great glovework will make more spectacular defensive plays than a team known for slugging, and stadium landmarks like the giant glove in San Francisco or Boston's famed "Green Monster" have been stylized and super-sized to outlandish proportions. To help further ratchet up the action 2K Sports has included a hard-rocking soundtrack featuring hits from groups like White Zombie, Stone Temple Pilots, Jane's Addiction, and The Stooges.

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Bigs Playstation 3 PS3


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