Borderlands Signature Series Strategy Guide

Loads of weapons …
Only one official guide!

Main story walkthrough
Your essential guide to Pandora, a complete walkthrough of all 120+ missions — including class-specific strategies, tactics for co-op play, and inside tips from the Gearbox dev team!

Level maps
Find all permanent and quest-related items in every area of Pandora. Precise locations for all Treasure Chests, New-U & Catch-A-Ride Stations, Vending Machines, NPCs, enemy encounters, and much more!

Weapon system & Gun catalog
We’ve crafted nearly 400 of the most compelling weapons (including Legendaries) and detailed each one for you. That’s 40 guns from every weapon class for each of the nine manufacturers! Plus a thorough explanation of how weapons are generated, descriptions of available upgrades and ammo types, and the code to deciphering weapon names.

Vault hunters
Glean the full potential of all four classes. Essential advice on their skills, fighting styles, and developing the ideal character

Wasteland wanderers
A comprehensive Bestiary of all enemy types — level data, damage, attack styles, critical hit diagrams, and more.

First look at the upcoming borderlands expansion!
Be the first Vault Hunter on your block to preview scenes from The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned!

Plus: Survival Basics, Mission/Challenges Checklist, Achievements & Trophies, and two exclusive Claptrap flip-book animations!

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Signature Series Strategy Guide

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