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Combining elements of horror and fantasy, Bullet Witch is a third-person shooter starring a green-haired woman named Alicia. The fate of mankind just so happens to rest on Alicia's slender shoulders, but she is more than up to the task, thanks to a proficiency in both the arcane arts and modern-day weaponry. The setting takes place in the year 2013, a time when the planet is besieged by a demonic army cutting a swath of destruction wherever they roam. To combat this terrifying threat, Alicia wields a large staff called the Gun-Rod that doubles as a rifle, allowing her to incinerate her enemies by using bullets forged from the souls of vanquished foes. Alicia can also perform witchcraft, from summoning tornados and meteorite showers to piercing targets with rose stems or assembling murders of crows to swarm and consume everything in their path.

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Bullet Witch - [Xbox 360]

As players progress through the game, skill points can be acquired to spend on increasing Alicia's health or magic capabilities, and the Gun-Rod can be upgraded over time as well. While Bullet Witch is strictly a single-player game, Xbox Live support is included for additional content in the form of downloadable costumes and bonus levels. Prominent Japanese manga artist Yasushi Nirasawa, whose creature designs were used in 2001's Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within and in 2004's Hellboy, was the creative force behind Bullet Witch's variety of demons.

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