Civilization V Official Strategy Guide

BradyGames’ Sid Meier’s Civilization V Official Strategy Guide includes the following:

Whether you seek victory with the open hand of Diplomacy, the iron fist of Domination, or the more subtle means of Culture or Science, all the tools you need to dominate the world are now in your hands!

Get the most from your Civilization: All civilizations have humble beginnings, but this guide shows you how to get the most out of their unique benefits and strengths.

Multiplayer Civilization: Use the tips provided in this guide to gain an edge against human opponents!

Improving your Civilization: Learn how to focus the energies of your civilization by acquiring technology, deciding when to create buildings, Wonders, or Projects, and mustering your military units

Principles of Victory: The Principles of Victory chapter covers a variety of topics, ranging from early exploration to managing your relationships with the all-new City-States.

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Civilization V

Official Strategy Guide

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