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When writing about simulation games it is important to mention flight simulation games as these are the most popular of all simulation games. The first software for these games was written more than 30 years ago by Bruce Artwick and named the SUBLOGIC simulation. These early games have now being replaced by ultra modern games such as flight pro sim and the Microsoft flight simulator which offer all kinds of realistic flying experiences thanks to advanced software and hardware.

The latest flight simulation games offer the user unique experiences such as being able to modify and even name their own aircraft. If you're into combat flight simulation games then these now offer experiences such as being capable of choosing your own weaponry as well as the ability to choose military aircraft from different era's. If you want to know what it was like to fly a Glider in World War Two at night into Normandy then this can be simulated. If you want to know what it's like to fly an F17, a Sukhois or a MIG then these are all available to fly in different scenarios as well. Because the software is becoming so life like it offers gamers, home entertainment seekers and even real pilots an unforgettable experience.

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ProFlightSimulator Game

In the area of war combat games, Ace Combat, Warcraft and Red Barron stand out as being highly respected.

Nintendo created Pilotwings 64 and Pilotwings and they are regarded as been two of the better games available. However Sony is now in the game with plans to launch some new games soon. With competition for flight games so intense and prices coming down all the time plus software and hardware developments getting better and better, the end user is spoilt for choice when it comes to these games.            

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