Final Fantasy XIV: Online [IBM PC Compatible]

For the first time in nearly seven years, Square Enix's long-running and critically acclaimed franchise returns to the online realm with an entirely new adventure in Final Fantasy XIV: Online. Set in the land of Eorzea, where more than a decade of peace has turned former soldiers and mercenaries into explorers and adventurers, Final Fantasy XIV: Online features a skill-based progression system, less emphasis on multiplayer quests and leveling, and a fantasy setting featuring strong elements of technology and science fiction. When creating a unique character, gamers can choose from five different races: the humanoid Hyur; the cat-like Miqo'te; the diminutive Lalafell; the elfish Elezen; and the brawny Roegadyn. In addition to customizing race and appearance, players can choose from four different character classes and 18 professions. This "Armoury" system divides character classes into: Disciples of War, including Gladiators, Archers, and Pugilists; Disciples of Magic, broken down into Thaumaturges and Conjurers; Disciples of the Land, which includes Fishers, Miners, and Botanists; and Disciples of the Hand; made up of Carpenters, Weavers, and Blacksmiths, among others. Gamers aren't bound by their class however, as equipping tools or weapons can instantly change their profession, and small stained-crystal cards known as Guildleves allow players to go on quests outside the boundaries of their character class. Final Fantasy XIV: Online also features a fast-travel system, allowing gamers to use large crystals known as Aetheryte to teleport across vast expanses of land. ~ Christopher Brown, All Game Guide

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Final Fantasy XIV: Online

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