Kirby Mass Attack Nintendo DS (Dual-Screen)

Developed specifically for DS, Kirby Mass Attack is a stylus-controlled, side-scrolling adventure, starring Nintendo's own fluffy, float-y, little franchise character, en masse. A mysterious evil-doer has split Kirby into ten separate characters, and his quest is to re-unite them all back into his original form. With touch-screen controls, players guide as many as all ten separated Kirbys at once, to work together, solving platform puzzles or launching a mass assault against a stubborn enemy.

Different stylus movements have different in-game results. Players can launch a Kirby across the screen with a quick flick, or make multiple Kirbys swarm at a certain point by tapping repeatedly. Many of the game's toughest enemies and trickiest platform puzzles require a minimum number of Kirbys to overcome, and nearly any in-game task is easier with some extra help. Special medals, hidden throughout the levels, can be collected to unlock mini-games.

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Kirby Mass Attack Nintendo DS


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