Major League Baseball 2K7 Playstation 3 PS3

Major League Baseball 2K7 makes its PS3 debut with an emphasis on capturing the sights and sounds of professional baseball, from the player models and animations to the commentary and crowds. Individual faces and body types have been faithfully re-created, with in-game stars sporting the same accessories, batting stances, and home run celebrations as their real-life counterparts. Students of the game can use "Inside Edge" scouting data to their benefit, resulting in a temporary stat boost for players who successfully follow an athlete's particular strengths at the plate or on the mound.

On the diamond, the defensive AI is designed to automatically adjust positioning and relay throws based on scoring situations or a batter's tendencies. A number of new animations have been incorporated into the defensive game, allowing for fluid strikes, slick dives, and show-stopping grabs. The popular franchise mode from previous iterations continues on PS3, with a team's success tied to ticket prices, attendance numbers, news, and fan hype. Veteran broadcasters Jon Miller and Joe Morgan handle the commentary, and online support is available for head-to-head competition in custom leagues and tournaments.

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Major League Baseball 2K7


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