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Have you ever tried teaching a first grader in school? Aside from the teachers, Usually students who takes up Education as a course could have possibly experienced. You would know what makes them bored, what makes them sleepy and irritated or uneasy. In subjects some loves mathematics as a subject but most of them does not enjoy learning math. That is why First Grade Math games were created.

This is for them to be able to learn while having fun, they would not feel the boredom of counting numbers, memorizing and analyzing. They would be enjoying learning math if Math Games would be applied in teacher's daily lesson plan. It would be really effective if it will be included in a period of class.

For first graders, they themselves seeks on having fun while on class, it could be reason why we'll really find them very noisy and always in a commotion. So we have to look on the brighter side of it, let us give them what they want and at the same time registering lessons needed to be learned.

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So that would be First Grade Math Games that should be included on the lesson plans. We have to make sure that the level of learning that we would be giving them would just be enough, not that difficult of course, for them to enjoy what they are doing and could easily adjust on the type of learning we would be sharing them.

Aside from these First Grade Math games, we should also consider that they are on their first level, so we have to be patient and we have to support them thoroughly until they can learn the right things being taught.

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