NBA Street: Homecourt - [Xbox 360] - Used

In NBA Street: Homecourt, players go up against NBA superstars on courts in their hometowns. Gamers who go "Career" must create a character and then pick a home to represent. Players then work their way from nobody to street ball legend by defeating other teams on their turf. Gamers go up against such NBA all-stars as +Shaquille O'neal, +Dwayne Wade, and +Melo. As players progress through the game they are rewarded with upgraded skills and attributes for their avatar. To truly own the courts players must master the "Trick Remixer." Gamers may execute a variety of special moves and combos during gameplay to upset the opponent's defense and to earn more points.

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NBA Street: Homecourt - [Xbox 360]

Each successful trick bumps the Gamebreaker gauge up a notch until it is full and players activate the money ball. With control of the money ball, gamers can either go for a single basket or attempt to complete several combos before the dunk and earn up to three extra points. Online, players can create teams, chat with friends, check the leaderboard, and schedule tournaments.

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