Prey - [Xbox 360] - Used

In Prey, players take the role of a disgruntled indigenous native named Tommy, searching the ship for a way out while blasting slimy space monsters and other vile creatures. Based on Cherokee mythology, the game centers on Tommy, his spiritual powers gained from an unknown birthright, and the nifty things he can do with them such as the "Spirit Walk" and "Death Walk." Portal technology used in the game allow enemies to appear out of nowhere, while Tommy's spiritual awakening will have him walking on walls and leaving his body by doing the "Spirit Walk." The living ship will attack Tommy any chance it gets, but a friendly guide in the form of a hawk can help guide him through the ship and decipher the alien language when needed. The Xbox 360 version of the game takes full advantage of Xbox Live, and up to eight players may defy gravity, blast aliens, and "Death Walk" together.

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Prey - [Xbox 360] - Used

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