Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 [Wii]

Konami's "Winning" soccer series makes its 2012 return to the pitch, with play enhancements that give gamers more direct control of the ball and improvements to the artificial intelligence that controls teammates and opponents. "Off the Ball Control" allows gamers to move a cursor to quickly highlight and select any team player at any time. The game's "Pass Support" is adjustable through five settings, providing computer-assisted passes or allowing complete player control of a kick's direction and velocity. New interactions and animations and highlight the bumps and jostles as opposing players race down the field, battling for the ball. Teammates anticipate passes, accounting for movement down the field, and referees are designed to be more sensitive to the flow of the game. Following earlier games in the series, Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 includes the teams, tournaments, and athletes of the Union of European Football Associations, and features the UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League competitions. ~ T.J. Deci, All Game Guide

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Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 [Wii]


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