Profession Guide - Death Knight

The Death Knight class is a hero class which came with the Wrath of the Lich King expansion in 2008. In order to create a Death Knight you must have a character which is at least level 55. Your journey will start at The Ebon Hold in the Eastern Plaguelands. The Death Knight could belong to any race you choose and will start equipped with 12 slot bags and the full set of green gear.

If you decide to create a DK you will soon realize all its potentials and will definitely be fun for you to level one up. A Death Knight could be a melee dpser and a tank and is the only class that has runic power which he uses for his skills. A DK wears plate and can use either two one-handed weapons or a two-handed weapon. Wearing a shield is not a possibility for this class.

Blacksmithing and Mining
Similar to Warriors, Death Knights are advised to take Blacksmithing and Mining as their primary professions since they wear plate. With Blacksmithing Death Knights can craft some useful items and goodies such as weapons, armor pieces and buckles. Buckles are especially nice since they will give a nice boost to your char’s stats. To start leveling Blacksmithing as one of your primary professions you will need to buy a Blacksmithing Hammer and find the nearest forge. Blacksmithing divides in two branches at some point so a player can choose to either become a Weaponsmith or Armorsmith. Mining goes perfect with this profession since in order to level up BS you will definitely need a lot of ores that you can easily gather with mining. Not to mention the new profession buff that you will get with Mining called Toughness. This buff will increase you Stamina by 50.

Death Knight gives a lot of options for professions and it is all about the choice you make. Depending if you like to PVP or are a hard core PVE player the choice of professions could vary. Enchanting is always nice especially if you raid but there are also enchants that you could use on your PVP sets. Nice things about this profession are the ring enchants which are only available for enchanters themselves. Nice boost on your stats is always considered to be good, not to mention the fact that you can disenchant items you grind along the way or unwanted gear. Engineering could seem fun especially because of the nice mounts you could make and other gadgets as well as a nice epic head piece. Alchemy and Herbalism are also always nice and are two very useful professions if you consider playing PVE and grinding. With Herbalism you will get a healing buff called Life Blood which will heal you for 2000 over 5 seconds. If you are more PVP based then they aren’t that good for you. Inscription is the new profession which could prove to be useful and profitable because of all the Glyphs, Decks and Scrolls you could make. Jewelcrafting is also quite useful for any character since gems are always a need and there are some gems that only Jewelcrafters can socket into their gear.

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