Profession Guide - Druid

Depending on the spec the Druid class could play a tank, healer, caster or melee dps. A Druid is mainly leather wearer but could also wear cloth armor. Depending on the spec a Druid wants to play he/she should choose the professions.

Leatherworking and Skinning
We can surely say that these two professions go well with a Druid since he is primary a leather wearer. Skinning is very easy to level up and we can say the same for leatherworking if you choose to pair these two professions. Skinning will also give you a special buff called Master of Anatomy which will increase your critical strike rating by 32. With Leatherworking Druids can craft parts of the armor while they are leveling and also on higher levels they can craft nice epic armor items. A leatherworker can also craft Armor Kits which could be sold on the Auction House and also used to improve the stats of the wearer. Icescale Leg Armor and Frosthide Leg Armor will improve your stats if you are a Druid tank or a Druid melee dpser. Leatherworking and Skinning are two professions from which Feral Druids - tanks and melee dpsers, could benefit the most, but there are also some nice armor sets that caster or healer Druids Leatherworkers can make for themselves.

Alchemy and Herbalism
Alchemy and Herbalism could also be very nice for a Druid. Whatever spec they choose they would always have the ability to make useful flasks, pots and elixirs. The advantage of being a Druid and having Herbalism as one of your primary professions is definitely the flying form. Herbs are easy to spot from above and if you were any other class you would need to fly down and dismount, pick up the herb and then mount again, and so on… Druids do this much easier, they don’t need to dismount since their flying form is instant cast and also they could pick up herbs even while in flying form. This makes the herb farming quite easy and really fast! Herbalism will also give you a skill called Life Blood which heals you for 2000 over 5 seconds. You can use this skill even while being invisible or stealthed.

Tailoring and Enchanting are nice if your Druid is Resto (healer) or Balance (dps caster) Druid. Since a Druid can wear cloth as well you could make nice armor sets for these two specs. Cloth armor is definitely poorer in armor and base stats but it does have a lot of spell damage and mana regeneration.

Enchanting however is always nice to have since you can enchant your own gear and disenchant items you can’t or don’t want to use into more valuable items like shards, dust and essences. Jewelcrafting is nice because of the unique equipped soulbound gems you could craft that will boost your stats. Engineering as well has few useful items you could craft. In example, if you are a Feral Druid Weakness Spectralizers, a leather head piece would blow your mind! Greensight Gogs will definitely be your favorite head item if you are a Moonkin (Balance Druid). 

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