Profession Guide - Paladin

Paladins are one of the hybrid classes in World of Warcraft. This means that they can be tanks, healers or melee dpsers. While leveling Pallas wear mail armor until the 40th level and after they are eligible to wear plate. In many ways they resemble the Warriors but in the game play they are quite different.

Blacksmithing and Mining
Paladins wear plate same as Warriors and therefore Blacksmithing and Mining are one of the best paired professions to match them. Mining is a profession that serves Blacksmithing in the way that it makes it much easier and cheaper to level up. Blacksmithing however is something that Paladins can use for themselves mainly. While leveling they could craft their armor sets which will improve their performance and speed up their leveling. At the maximum level Blacksmithing is still quite useful since it can provide Pallas nice pre-raiding gear which they could craft themselves, also weapons, shields, and enhancements for belts in form of buckles. During the playing Paladin Blacksmiths will be able to learn more plans. To start leveling Blacksmithing all you will need is a Forge and a Blacksmithing Hammer. The hammer you can purchase at any mining trade supplier in major and smaller cities where a forge could be found as well. A Paladin Blacksmith can at some point choose between Armorsmith and a Weaponsmith specialization. If the choice comes down to the Weaponsmith, a Paladin can then specialize further in Swords, Maces or Axes or Mace which will depend purely on his/her choice of weapon. Another nice novice is a buff called Toughness which will increase your Stamina by 50.

Alchemy and Herbalism
Let’s just say that Alchemy and Herbalism are always nice to have for any type of character and for any class, whether you are a healer, a tank, melee dps or a caster. Everybody always needs potions and elixirs. Another nice thing when it comes to Alchemy are the flasks. Flasks have a longer lasting effect and their effect doesn’t vanish when a player dies in combat. Even though Pallas have healing spells they don’t have HoTs aka Healing over Time spells so a spell which they can get with Herbalism could be really nice for them. This spell is called Life Blood and when used will heal you for 2000 over 5 seconds.

Jewelcrafting and Mining
Jewelcrafting and Mining combination could be also nice for Paladins. Mining is good simply because it is accompanies Jewelcrafting good, and Jewelcrafting because of all those nice craftable rings and necklaces and especially because of gems. Gems are a need for each good player because they enhance their stats which of course improve the char’s performance in instances, raids and in PVP. Jewelcrafting could save you a lot of gold and time since as a Paladin you will probably be asked to respect into a healer when needed, dps or an aoe tank. All hybrid classes usually have few sets of armor they can change and of course the gems you will put into sockets on a healing gear will differ than the ones in the tanking gear.

Inscription is a nice new profession which came with the Wrath of the Lich King expansion. It is combined with Herbalism good and could be useful for all players no matter the class or spec. With Inscription one can make useful Glyphs that enhance your performance and skills. Engineering could be also fun for Paladins since when on the max level you could make some armor pieces useful for you and many other cool and useful gadgets. In example, healing Pallas would love Unbreakable Healing Amplifiers and tanking Pallas would definitely go for Armored Titanium Goggles.

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