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I have always been interested in aviation. Just the thought of being able to pilot a jet was intriguing. Then in the late 80's and early 90's when the home pc was introduced, out came simulation software where you could actually fly!  Back then, it seemed like such a cool instrument. Even with low resolution video cards, the excitement was there. As computing and video graphics got better, I spent tons of money purchasing flight simulation software. Some were good, and some just were terrible. Microsoft seemed to overtake the software market for flight simulation and their graphics of both planes and scenery as each new version was introduced was indeed impressive.

Nowadays, with massive processor speeds and gigabytes of video graphic memory, it is quite normal to use high end graphic hardware to get the most out of your simulation experience.     

This brings us to FlightProSim. I figured that it was just another okay simulator and a few planes to fly. Boy was I wrong! 

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ProFlightSimulator Game

THE GRAPHICS:  This flight simulator uses the most up to date open GL. This technology with 3D rendering and Light Dynamics, which in actuality deliver a "true to life" on screen experience. The creators truly put forth the effort to insure that the simulations were realistic. From the planes themselves, to the scenery and the handling of the plane, you would think from looking at your monitor that you are actually looking out the cockpit window. Included with the interface, you can link with Google maps for a totally different "live" view. With this feature, see the streets and buildings like never before in a flight simulator. Have several monitors or displays?  Set up your simulator to operate several displays at once. For example… cockpit windows on both sides and control panel center. Maybe you have more than one computer. If so, you can build a network of 3 or more and achieve a "surround" view for a real SIM feeling. No other program has these unique features plus a whole lot more!      

THE AIRCRAFTS:  There are over 100 different planes, helicopters, and gliders to choose from. This includes private, commercial, military, helicopters, and gliders. You can select anywhere from the 1903 Wright Flyer, Bailey Dragonfly ultralight, Cessna 182RG, a B-52F Stratofortress, and Sikorsky CH-53E Super Stallion helicopter. You can even pilot the Space Shuttle!  Each plane is an EXACT facsimile  of the original not only in looks and shape, but each one has diverse options and handles differently for a unique flying experience. Inside the cockpit, you will find the flight panel and controls reproduced in accurate detail to the original. You can use your keyboard or joystick for controls. You can modify any planes which any way you want. Want more speed out of your helicopter?  Put a faster engine. Want different weaponry on your F-16?  Add better weapons. Customization is only a click away.   

THE SCENERY AND AIRPORTS:  How would you like to fly to Spain or England?  Or maybe a quick tour of the Bermuda Triangle. Anywhere in the world is possible with FlightProSim!  Each area of the world map is demographically accurate down to the smallest details. This includes the airports as well. There are 20,000 airports from around the world. From the state and International airports, each airport has been created identically to the original. All markings and lighting are seen as if you were landing at this location with the use of Light Dynamics Modeling.

REAL TIME COORDINATION:  You can also set up the internet with the program to use "real time" from anywhere in the world. If you select to take off from Boston at 6:30 am, the sun will just be coming up. And, while in flight, the sun moves according to the time. So, When you land in Arizona at dusk, the sun is just going down and the stars and moon will appear in their proper places and again, moving exactly with real time. It also calculates exact dates along with time. For example, if it is May 9th, 2011, the sun will rise and set according to the exact movement of the solar system. Plus, if the moon is half, crescent, or full, the program knows and displays true, accurate images. This management of "real time" also includes our weather system. If you select an airport that is having a snow or thunderstorm, the real time weather will be incorporated into the simulator. You don't have to use this feature if you don't want to. You can select your own weather, time, and date if you choose. This simulator has unlimited capabilities for hours upon hours of enjoyment.

OTHER FEATURES:  What else can you do with this program?  Why not try landing on on the water with a seaplane?  Or call for a re-fueling plane if you're low on fuel. Get on the network and unite with other internet pilots. If you're new to flying, there is a full flight school. Do you have flying experience or used flight simulators in the past?  Then you can use the advanced options to set the plane for malfunctions to test your developed flying capabilities. How would you like to create your own plane or design scenery?  Your mind's eye is only clicks away from actuality.

The base package comes with 20 airplanes. However, you can download all the other planes independently to complete your set for free. Download only the planes you want. This, and free upgrades and updates for life is what you get with your base package. No licensing so you can install on as many computers as you want. World scenery is available, but at an additional cost but it is well worth it. Plus, you get an 8 week trial. If you don't like it, a full refund will be awarded.   

I highly recommend this software to anyone who is interested in experiencing REAL life flying. As an owner of this incredible software package, I have only scratched the surface on what this Simulator can do. I can tell you this simulator is truly addicting and gets a 10/10 rating.

Thanks for reading my review – by Michael K. Visit ProFlightSim!

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