Rune Factory Tides Of Destiny Playstation 3 PS3

Once again on Wii and for the first time on PlayStation 3, Marvelous Entertainment's curious Rune Factory series sets sail for fantasy-themed adventure and kindhearted community-building. In Tides of Destiny, a young hero travels the seas and surveys new islands, seeking dungeons to explore, monsters to defeat, and rare treasures to claim, As in the developer's Harvest Moon games, characters improve their lot in the long term, by investing their time and resources in the land. They may also meet, marry, and make new families with villagers and townsfolk.

From a third-person perspective, combat plays out in a pause-able, real-time flow. Various weapons allow for a selection of magic and melee combo moves. Fallen enemies often drop materials that can be used in crafting new and more powerful items. As the game progresses, players may take up to three pets along with them on their adventures. Pets help fight in battles and have distinct special abilities. Additionally, different kinds of pets are required to help raise different kinds of crops, so there are important advantages in having a diverse stable and keeping it well.

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Rune Factory Tides Of Destiny

Gamers can play as a boy or a girl, and at the beginning of the story, as both. After an unexplained, cosmic event, two young friends find they have been changed, and so has the world around them.

Sonja's body is missing, and her soul is now in Aden's body -- along with his own. If players can find Sonja's missing body, they can return her soul to it, and she becomes a separate playable character. Once they have mastered the secrets of the enormous golem, Ymir, players can use him to travel across the ocean, battle gigantic sea monsters, and raise sunken islands from the briny depths.


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