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A sect of powerful vampires called Nightwalkers is wreaking havoc throughout a rain-soaked, modern-day U.S. city, and it's up to you to put an end to their reign of terror. Vampire Rain has players in control of a black ops soldier named John Lloyd, who is equipped with the latest in vampire-hunting technology, from "necrovision" goggles to ultraviolet knives. The enemies are quick, agile, and possess superhuman strength, but players can use stealth and the environment to set up strategic ambushes.

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Vampire Rain - [Xbox 360]

Ranged weapons include a pistol, machine gun, assault rifle, sniper rifle, and a shotgun, and players can climb ladders, grab onto ledges, or crouch behind objects to stalk their prey while avoiding exposure. Up to eight players can compete online via Xbox Live in a choice of deathmatch, king-of-the-hill, and capture-the-flag variants.

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