Where the Wild Things Are Playstation 3 PS3

Players take the role of Maurice Sendak's mischievous Max in Where the Wild Thing's Are, a 3D platform adventure for PlayStation 3. Based on the 2009 Spike Jones film adaptation of the classic children's book, the game takes place on the Island of the Wild Things, a land discovered in Max's imagination when he is sent to his room as punishment for rebellious behavior one night. The story of the game's main adventure mode follows the plot of the film, with running, jumping, and gliding through 3D terrain, and combat against unruly beasts using Max's scepter. Collectable items found along the way can be used to unlock bonus content. As Max soon learns to rule the many Wild Things that inhabit the island, he begins to see a larger threat, and he embarks on a perilous journey to save his new friends and himself. His path leads through moonlit mountains and shadowy jungles, in the style of the film's live-action re-creations of the distinct art in the Caldecott Medal-winning book. Throughout his travels, major obstacles may be overcome with the help of three of Max's most loyal Wild Thing companions, who can perform feats of great strength and agility. Aside from the main adventure, players can visit the Wild Thing village, which serves as a hub for a number of mini-games and character interactions based on the book and film.

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Where the Wild Things Are Playstation 3 PS3


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