White Knight Chronicles 2 Official Strategy Guide

BradyGames’ White Knight Chronicles II Official Strategy Guide includes the following:

Torn by Civil War

While Balandor celebrates the return of its princess, Grazel turns his nefarious gaze westward, backing the traitorous red army in the Farian civil war. With the tide of battle turning against him, Faria’s rightful ruler Lorias commands his trusted general Scardigne to spirit away his mysterious ward.

Comprehensive Walkthrough - We lead you step-by-step through the entire game from start to finish—Make your way across the world with familiar friends and new allies.

Highly Detailed Maps - Our maps show you just where to find important places, items, and resources for every location you visit.

ALL-Encompassing Armory - Complete armor sets, categorized items, weapon lists, and comprehensive Georama pieces.

Complete Quest Guide - Discover just where to go and what you need to do to acquire and complete every quest, errand, and bounty.

Expert Boss & Enemy Strategies - All the tactics and tips you need to defeat each and every foe you face.

Free e-guide - Check inside for details on how to download your free e-guide for White Knight Chronicles.

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White Knight Chronicles 2
Official Strategy Guide


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