Dawn of Discovery [Nintendo DS]

Dawn of Discovery is a real-time strategy game of New World exploration, expansion, trade, and conquest, based on Sunflowers Interactive's well established Anno series of home computer games (Anno 1602, Anno 1701; also titled 1602 A.D. and 1701 A.D in North America). The framework for gameplay in the Wii, PC, and Nintendo DS versions of Dawn of Discovery is similar to that in the 2008 release for DS, 1701: Dawn of Discovery, but artwork, animations, and interface have been redesigned to be entertaining and accessible to a casual, console-style audience. In the age of tall ships and global exploration, players rise to power by staking their claims in resource-rich wildernesses, protecting their growing outposts from threats both internal and external, harvesting the riches of the land, and mastering the economics of trade -- with neighboring settlements and Old World patrons alike. There must be enough income to pay for a town's protection, maintenance, and development, but if taxes are too high, the people will revolt. Without a militia to fend off attacks from pirates and other enemies, a town's wealth can be stolen away in a moment, but too much time and money spent on the military will leave little for infrastructure maintenance or trade improvements.

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Dawn of Discovery [Nintendo DS]

In addition to several options for single-player empire-building, the Wii and DS editions of Dawn of Discovery features a two-player mode that can be played across different platform versions of the game. ~ T.J. Deci, All Game Guide

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