Gladiator Begins Playstation Portable [PSP]

Gamers head to ancient Rome during the tumultuous final years of rule under the great emperor Marcus Aurelius Antonius to battle man and beast in brutal spectacles to win freedom in Gladiator Begins. Players begin their quest by choosing the gender, build, face, and hair type of their gladiator, and then head off to battle slaves, nobles, gladiators, and a variety of wild animals, including bulls, tigers, and elephants. The action comes in the form of traditional 3D combat, with gamers racking up combos and earning new skills as they master their particular style of combat, be it wielding two weapons, battling with a sword and shield, engaging in hand-to-hand combat, or dealing heavy blows with polearms.

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Gladiator Begins Playstation Portable

If combatants are successful, they earn the respect of politicians and curry favor from five different patrons, each of whom offers a unique story path. Publisher Aksys promises free post-release downloadable content on the PlaySation Network, including new weapons, armor, and characters.

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