Halo 3: Limited Edition - [Xbox 360] - Used

One of two "deluxe" versions of the Xbox 360's most anticipated game for 2007, Halo 3: Limited Edition includes both Halo 3 and a bonus disc filled with additional high-definition content for hardcore fans. This second disc, which is also bundled with the more elaborate Legendary Edition, includes a behind-the-scenes documentary on the making of Halo 3, multiple featurettes, and even an audio-visual calibration tool for home theater setups. Both the bonus disc and game are packaged in an exclusive metal collector's case.

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Halo 3: Limited Edition - [Xbox 360] - Used

Purchasers of Halo 3: Limited Edition will also receive a book that expands the Halo saga with an all-new story and original artwork.

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