Junior Brain Trainer 2 Nintendo DS (Dual-Screen) [NDS] (1 Player)

The Junior Brain Trainer series returns with 130 educational mini-games, puzzles, and activities aimed at children between the ages of 6 and 11. Junior Brain Trainer 2 is designed to help kids improve their skills in reading, spelling, logic, and memory by requiring them to complete five training exercises each day. Once the training has been finished, players may take on a variety of enjoyable and stimulating mini-games, such as "Find the Kennel," where young gamers guide a puppy through a maze before time expires, and "Catch the Sheep," in which players help get sheep back into their pen.

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Junior Brain Trainer 2 Nintendo DS

Other activities include "Snake," "Solitaire," "Whack-a-Mole," "Fruit Picking," and "Save the Cheese," and two separate game modes are designed to make the activities accessible for all ages. "Progressive" mode is better suited for younger gamers, because it gradually gets more difficult, while "Pot Luck" mode's randomly generated questions are designed with older players in mind.

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