Kinect Sports: Season Two [Xbox 360]

Xbox 360's follow-up answer to whole-body sports gaming, Kinect Sports: Season Two presents six original mini-games geared toward athletic inspiration: baseball, darts, football, golf, skiing, and tennis. The games are played through Kinect's controller-free interface that senses motion, detects gestures, and picks up spoken commands. Virtual athletes make their in-game personas kick a ball, swing a racket, or hit a bulls eye, by performing these actions in front of the Kinect sensors. Three difficulty settings are available for each sport. Following the Kinect Sports family-friendly original, Season Two puts a new emphasis on multiplayer support, with online and same-system options for cooperative and competitive play. Xbox Live Gold gamers can compete directly against others across the country, in real time or through delayed challenges that appear as in-game messages the next time Season Two is played.

Kinect Sports: Season Two

Players can also leave challenges for other household members on their family consoles, to be attempted at a later time. ~ T.J. Deci, All Game Guide


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