Lifes a Pitch: The Wild Game of Defending the Ridiculous

Life’s A Pitch is a new game for the inherently verbal party crowd from Zobmondo!! Entertainment. Yes ... this game truly shows that Life’s A Pitch ... as each player must convince the group why a random object is the best solution or answer to a particular scenario. The person with the most creative, smart, amusing, persuasive or entertaining “pitch” will win the game.

A sample scenario posed to all players: “A president was impeached because this thing was found in his/her nightstand.”

Each player holds a hand of Object Cards and chooses one to feature during the “pitch” – for example: a magnifying glass, a cactus, a marshmallow, a blender, a toupee or invisibility cream.

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Lifes a Pitch: The Wild Game of
Defending the Ridiculous

You might choose “invisibility cream" and pitch it this way: “The President was told repeatedly that the CIA’s invisibility cream was NOT for personal use.”

Players are asked to put their imagination to work and weave the most convincing story. The more outlandish the explanation the better. Anything goes. But hurry, you can’t take forever, just like in the real world. The most popular answer wins the round and you will be amazed how easy it is to create a funny or smart pitch.

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