Lips: Number One Hits XBox 360 [XB360] (Bundle)

Microsoft's karaoke series returns with 40 chart-topping tracks for gamers to mimic in Lips: Number One Hits. Players can grab the included wireless microphones and belt out tracks from a diverse selection of artists, including Akon, Beck, Nickelback, Roy Orbison, Lady Gaga, and the Beach Boys. Those unsatisfied with the included songs can always head to the Xbox Live marketplace or the in-game music store to purchase and download new tracks. Number One Hits invites gamers to do more than just sing, asking them to move their bodies to the included music videos and use the motion-sensitive microphones to strike specific poses for extra points.

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Lips: Number One Hits

Multiplayer options let two players join together for a duet, or one player can sing while the other treats the microphone as tambourine, cowbell, or other percussion instrument. In addition, up to four more players can use traditional Xbox 360 Controllers to serve as backup percussionists.

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