Little Big Planet 2 Signature Series

BradyGamesLittle Big Planet 2 Signature Series Guide includes the following:

A world of play:

Exhaustive level coverage: Six worlds? Over 50 levels? And it’s all covered!? You bet! It’s all inside this guide!

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Little Big Planet 2
Signature Series

Multiplayer puzzles: Don’t get bummed out! We tell you when and where your friends have to help!

Every prize bubble: OK, to tell the truth, this was a monstrous undertaking, but we did it! We’ve located and listed each item and we tell you how to get ‘em!

Create your own games

Lights: This teachs you how to build your own level through step-by-step instructions!

Camera: take the next step toward making your level even better with the addition of cutscenes!

Action: master the development skills and tricks that truly take your world to the upper echelon of creation!

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