NCAA Football 08 - [Xbox 360] – Used

NCAA Football 08 spends another season on the Xbox 360 by adding a "Campus Legend" mode where gamers must begin as a greenhorn high school player and work their way up in status and skill. After completing an all-star championship series against other regional high schools, players are presented with a list of colleges interested in having their abilities on the field. Gamers begin as the lowest rated team member, and must spend time earning practice points in order to advance up the roster. Players may spend their free time playing basketball, going to movies, or studying. On the field, gamers can influence other players and lead the action during plays with the Leadership Control.

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NCAA Football 08 - [Xbox 360] – Used

Improvements with the Hit Stick allow smaller players to low tackle larger opponents who sport shoulders of steel. Throughout the game there will be chances to spend some time on the field of 115 different stadiums, as well as study the playbooks of each collegiate football team.

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