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The first expansion pack to Command & Conquer 3, Kane's Wrath introduces two sub-factions for each of the three rival forces, a new story-driven campaign, and an additional game mode. A 20-year storyline fleshes out the events leading up to Command & Conquer 3 and then continues the narrative far into the future. As in the original game, full-motion video cut-scenes help bring the story to life. Players will be able to lead their favorite faction in the all-new Global Domination mode, which involves conquering an entire planet in a system similar to the board game Risk. Contested territory between factions is resolved through tactical, real-time battles. New units include cyborgs for the Brotherhood of Nod and hover technology for the Global Defense Initiative, with over 24 new maps available for multiplayer and skirmish battles. The Xbox 360 version of Kane's Wrath is a standalone expansion that includes a new radial interface designed to speed up many of the in-game actions.

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Command & Conquer 3: Kane's Wrath

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