Gun - [Xbox 360] - Used

Designed to present grown-up gamers with a well-rounded cowboy adventure, Gun tells a classic Western story of revenge and rugged individualism, with the player in the starring role. Colton White was robbed of his heritage by a lifetime of lies; now he aims to take charge of his destiny and become his own man. The game's open-ended mission structure and expansive environments allow players to explore the frontier as they choose. Missions offer a variety of gameplay styles, including stealth action, precision shooting, and horseback riding. Players can develop Colton White to be an upstanding, classic hero, who protects the innocent and follows a code of righteousness, or a vengeful loner, who best serves the frontier community by serving himself first. The game's story progresses through a series of major missions, but many side-quests allow the hero to develop skills and earn scratch. Money and other crucial resources can be gained by collecting bounties, winning at the poker table, or by less civically upstanding means. Gun was developed by veteran studio Neversoft, previously renowned as the creator of the Tony Hawk Pro Skater series. Key characters in Gun are voiced by a number of accomplished screen actors, including Tom Skerritt, Lance Henriksen, and Kris Kristofferson. The game's story was written by screenwriter Randall Jahnson (Sunset Strip, The Mask of Zorro, The Doors).

Tokyo Beat Down Nintendo DS (Dual-Screen)

Tokyo Beat Down is a beat-'em-up game, with colorful 3D graphics and a side-scrolling play style inspired by arcade-era classics such as Double Dragon or Streets of Rage. The art and story evoke gritty '70s cop shows, with flared cuffs, feathered hair, and a maverick style of police work that's not always "by the book." Throughout the game's stages, players take control of different characters, collectively known as the "Beast Cops," who make it their business to meet crime in the streets, where it lives, and kick its butt mercilessly. Such crime comes in the form of countless thugs and goons, who pop out of hiding unexpectedly or team up to swarm the hero as he progresses through the level, and also in the form of tough boss characters with tricky moves to master. In addition to punches, kicks, and combos, guns become available in many places throughout the game, for a side-scrolling shooter break between bare fist beat downs.

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Tokyo Beat Down


Nintendo Wii - A Gaming Revolution

Wii is a video gaming console released by Nintendo Corporation Limited on November 19, 2006 in North America. In Japan, it was released on December 2, 2006, where as in Australia it was released on December 7, 2006. Nintendo Corporation Limited is a multinational corporation located in Kyoto, Japan and founded on September 23, 1889. The company deals in several niche businesses and is listed as Japan’s third most valuable company with a market value of over USD $85 billion. Nintendo Wii primarily competes with Xbox 360 of Microsoft and PlayStation 3 of Sony. Nintendo wii games broke the record for best selling console in a single month in the United States in the year 2009 and lead the worldwide sales over PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in August, 2011. One of the most distinguishing features of the Nintendo gaming console is its wireless Wii Remote controller which can be used as a handheld device and detects the movement in all 3-dimensions. Another interesting feature of the Wii console is WiiConnect 24 which allows receiving of messages and updating over the internet in standby mode.    

Every Nintendo Wii gaming console comes with Mario Kart Wii game in which the user can create his or her Mii characters and enjoy other range of fun built-in content. Since all the Wii gaming console systems can be connected to the internet, it provides access to Netflix where the user can download other games. The Wi-Fi enabled console can also be connected through Bluetooth and through LAN adapter via USB port. The storage capacity of 512 MB internal flash memory comes with SD card, SDHC card and Nintendo GameCube Memory card. It operates with IBM Power PC-based “Broadway” system and ATI “Hollywood” is the graphics processing unit used in this console. Since this graphics processing unit was designed by AMD’s graphics product division, it is manufactured using 90 nm CMOS process as the “Broadway” processor. Its another online feature of Wii Shop Channel allows the user to do online shopping for Wii video games and download Virtual Console and Wii Ware games and new channels. Wii Shop Channel can be organized into three sections of Virtual Console, WiiWare and Wii Channels.

The best selling games of Wii console are Wii Sports and Wii Play. Wii Sports was developed as the launch title for the Wii video game console and was included as pack-in game with the console system. Wii Sports is a collection of 5 sports simulations that include tennis, golf, baseball, bowling and boxing. The sports simulations are designed to demonstrate the motion sensing capabilities of Wii remote control and the players can use the remote control system to mimic actions to be performed in real sports. Wii Play is a party video game that features characters from the Mii Channel. Several mini games like Duck Hunt shooting game and table tennis have been featured along with other types of mini games. Wii Play is the third best selling game on the Wii and can be purchased as a stand alone game or can be bonded with a Wii Remote.

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Instance Leveling Guide for World of Warcraft

Power leveling a character on World of Warcraft is certainly time consuming, but now instance leveling is making it easier than ever before. Of course you’ll still be spending months getting your character to level 80, but it’s certain that the amount of time you need to gain each level is now much shorter than it was when solo questing and grinding was the only way to level. Check out this instance leveling guide for some quick tips.

Enjoy the Good Groups
This tip may seem pretty obvious, but let’s face it. Not every group you end up in through the dungeon finder will be a good one. That being said, there are some things you can do to help make sure that your group is a good one. For one thing, try to be polite. Many WoW players tend to be very condescending toward new players because they are still learning, and sometimes it is necessary to be the peacemaker. There are tactical ways to mitigate bad attitudes within any group, and you may have to kick someone out if it’s too bad. Don’t let one bad attitude spoil all of your fun, but know where to draw the line when it comes to kicking people out of the group. When the dungeon finder first began, there was a certain amount of time you had to wait before you could kick someone out. However, Blizzard will soon change that so people who don’t often kick others out won’t have to wait. This is perfect for cases in which you have a healer who won’t heal or a DPS who is AFK for the first five minutes of the instance, but use it sparingly.

Also remember that if you leave the instance before it’s over, then you will have to wait 30 minutes before you can queue again. This is the Dungeon Deserter de-buff, so it certainly pays to try to stick it out until the end of the instance. However, don’t feel pressured to stay if the group keeps on wiping.

If You Find a Good Group, Do Some Chains
There are some instance groups that just work together so well that it’s a shame when they have to come to an end. If you do happen to get into a group like this, speak up the second the instance is over. After all, instance leveling is about doing endless chains of dungeons to get the most experience you can get in the shortest amount of time. If you’ve got a group of people who are also instance leveling, then see if they will go along for another run. Just because the instance is over, it doesn’t mean that your group needs to be over. The longer you can keep a good group together, the less time you’ll have to spend queuing up for a new group. This also lessens the likelihood that the next group you get just isn’t good at all.

Unlock Dvd on Wii, easily unlock Wii feature Dvd

If you own yourself the most powerful Entertainment system formally known as the Wii you probably don’t know the ha1lf it could do. For being such a small machine it packs a punch.

But compared to its challenger the Xbox 360 and the PS3 have a clear advantage over the Wii. Missing some really important feature that truthfully I don’t know why the Wii console walked out of the assembly line without

What is it?
DVD playback, that’s right as you may already know the Wii out of the box does not support Wii DVD playback. Not to worry though, there is now a way to finally unlock that Wii DVD hidden feature along with a feature that allows you to backup all of your Nintendo Wii games you currently own to store bought DVD’s.

What does that mean?
That means you can backup all your Wii games to DVD’s and your Wii will fully recognize the games and play them like normal. Forget about having to buy another game simply because there’s a scratch and the game freezes. Now just pull out your original game and make yourself another copy and keep the OG in a safe place.

So you want to know how to turn your Wii into a DVD multi media player?

It’s very easy but you either have to know exactly what you’re doing or you have to follow a proven highly detailed guide. Anyone can do it with the right guide. Be careful what guides you use to.

I’ve made the mistake of using the free guides on the internet that are completely outdated and I was completely lost when it came to installing the Wii DVD unlocking files.

Myhomebreware is the guide I used and hands down, it’s the most detailed guide on the internet today!  They have follow along videos, all the files you possibly need to unlock your Wii and install the Wii DVD feature the Wii should have came with.

Afro Samurai - [Xbox 360] - Used

Takashi Okazaki's brutal anti-hero hacks and slashes for Justice on HD consoles. Afro Samurai is a man driven by revenge, stopping at nothing in his quest to slay the one who murdered his father and then claim the Number One headband as his own, with all the glory and power it bestows. Players take the role of Afro to battle through scenes of swordplay and special effects, in a flowing, third-person action style. The look of the game resembles a finely drawn cartoon, with detailed, outlined characters against backdrops that give the appearance of a watercolor and ink painting. The game is based directly on the animé adventures of the vengeful swordsman. It features the voice of +Samuel L. Jackson as Afro and an original, hip-hop soundtrack composed by :The RZA.

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Afro Samurai

Contra 4 Nintendo DS (Dual-Screen)

Konami brings its first Contra title to the DS, 20 years after the original defined the side-scrolling combat genre. Taking place two years after the events of Contra III: The Alien Wars, Contra 4 once again finds series protagonists Bill Rizer, Lance Bean, Mad Dog, and Scorpion peppering the Black Viper alien menace with a fusillade of bullets. As always, the side-scrolling combat is littered with weapon power-ups that make for some serious firepower, and the two-player co-op mode lets friends double the damage. However, the dual screens allow for new kinds of action, like massive, screen-filling enemies, and the new grappling hook, which lets players swing from the bottom screen to the top screen.

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Contra 4


PSP 3000 PlayStation Portable

Sony's PSP 3000 is a streamlined and compact entertainment station which you can easily take with you, and use on the go.

Not only is it possible to play the hottest new 3D video games with high-fidelity audio and full-motion video, you can even listen to your MP3s and watch movies. Get connected to the Web in any wi-fi hotspot, and play online or browse the net. The built-in microphone will mean that you can perhaps even chat to friends and family on Skype. If, perhaps you are at home, why not just connect the PSP up to your television screen for a larger than life video gaming experience.

One of several upgraded features on this PSP 3000 is definitely the large, bright screen that's clearer and easier to see than ever before. It also has an improved anti-reflective layer that makes the visibility clearer even in bright and well-lit locations, or outside.

The PSP catalogue of available game titles is ever increasing, and contains a vast array of games to accommodate everyone - from action and strategy, to puzzles, sports or education and learning. The PSP 3000 uses Universal Media Discs, so you can buy either games or films to watch and play on your handheld station. Or you can transfer previously recorded media (movies, games, MP3s, MP4s, WAV files and more) by using a Memory Stick Duo.

What you'll receive in the box is the PSP 3000, an AC power cable, and AC adapter, a battery pack, as well as the essential documentation.


One individual made a number of favorable remarks on this PSP 3000 as improvements on earlier versions - he said that the unit itself is thinner and more compact, the AV video compatibility which means that you can connect up to non-HD televisions, and the reduced glare display screen.

Many people were impressed by how comfortable, natural and easy to use the control keys and buttons were, even considering the size is more compact than previous designs. They were also impressed by the level of personal customization that can be done.

One thing to take into account when choosing handheld entertainment systems is the selection and availability of games, and it would be difficult to do better than the Sony PS range.


A few of the negatives that one customer commented on were the UMD load times as well as the slow wi-fi.

Other things that people didn't like were there fact that this PSP doesn't have any internal memory, you always have to use a memory stick or some other device, and also that the speaker volume was too quiet.

Some individuals also stated that there were scan lines across the display screen making viewing difficult, and some people declared that the screen was very fragile and easily prone to dead pixels.

The Sony PSP 3000 is really a sleek and stylish entertainment system that can conveniently slip into your pocket. With a wide array of games available, you will be spoilt for choice. Hook up to the internet, listen to music, watch movies or play games - it's up to you!

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PS3 magic testimonials

PS3 Magic is an innovative software guide that helps you install Linux operating system into your Play Sttaion3.  Many people find it a very useful product.  Continue reading this to know what the users are saying about it.

Baldwin from Lancaster
Hi there, I bought my PS3 few weeks ago. I knew it was worth for my money. But I didn’t know that it can be turned to a powerful PC. Thanks to PS3 Magic, I uploaded my operating system easily onto my gaming console.  I just followed the instructions provided in the pack. It was so simple and I liked its user friendliness. I started browsing the net from my PS3 that evening itself. Amazing product. Excellent value for money. I will definitely recommend to my friends.

Alan from Manchester
I downloaded and installed PS3 Magic two days back. Now I am able to listen to my favourite music, view movies and type documents in Words from my Play Station 3. PS3 Magic does not hinder my gaming experience. The emulator programs help me play every game on my console. I am using lots of applications that are specially made for a PC in my PS3. The best part I liked is that PS3 Magic helped me to install Linux within one hour.

Samuel, Norwich
Hi everyone, I didn’t even think that it would be possible to install Linux in the PS3. When I was surfing the net, I came across this ground breaking product. AS the price seems to be reasonable, I downloaded it. The installation process was so simple that I did nothing but following the instructions. Wow, Now I can use my PS3 like a computer.

Nancy, Salford
I just had a chance to hear about this PS3 Magic Linux product. I was wondering whether to buy it or not.  Two days later I decided to buy it, because I am a freelance writer. I have to type a lot of office documents and send it via emails.  My computer crashed down last week and I didn’t have money to invest in a new one. PS3 Magic gives money back guarantee, so I felt there is no risk in downloading it. The product didn’t disappoint me. It has solved all my problems without spending a lot of money.

Patrick, New Alresford, Winchester
I have a Playstation 3 and computer at home. I bought PS3 Magic to look for a cheap way to get another computer at home. My wife and children used the computer, so I don’t always get it whenever I need. But they usually do not touch my PS3. Hence, I was more curious about this PS3 magic Linux product. I wanted to give a try. To my delight, it works great. As it is on Linux platform, i am now able to run some of the free Linux applications. It is definitely worth investing. Moreover, it is much cheaper than buying a new computer.

Jason, Elmbridge, Gloucester
Hey guys, I bought this PS3 Magic last week only. I never write any reviews or testimonials, but this product is so amazing that I felt like sharing it with others. It turns my gaming console into a super computer within an hour. 

Four Reasons to Do Your Instance Quests

Instance leveling is the quickest way to get to level 80, but did you know that doing your instance quests will get you there even faster?  Instance quests are those that must be done inside of the instances throughout World of Warcraft. Most of them are available from quest givers outside the instances, although a few can be picked up inside of them. Many instance quests involve killing a specific boss inside a specific instance, although there are also a fair number that involve gathering certain items or doing certain actions inside of the instances. Here are five reasons every WoW player should do his instance quests.

Reason #1: More experience – Completing instance quests while you’re instance leveling is the perfect way to get some bonus experience. It’s sort of like a two for one deal because you get all the experience from killing creatures inside the instances, in addition to plenty of bonus experience from completing the instances quests associated with the dungeon you ran. Also, instance quests grant twice as much experience as solo quests, so completing two instance quests is like completing four solo quests.

Reason #2: Better gear – Of course instance leveling itself will give you more chances at better gear because the bosses drop better gear than anything that’s out in the solo world. However, the gear you get as a reward for completing instance quests is much better than the gear you get for completing solo quests. This means two have two chances to get a gear upgrade every time you run an instance. Additionally, if you run a random instance instead of queuing for a specific one, you have a third chance at getting better gear because you will get a bag of helpful items after you complete the instance.

Reason #3: More fun – Instance leveling gives you a chance to explore parts of the game you never did before. The instance quests used to be the ones that WoW players purposely skipped over because they required finding a group to complete them. However, the dungeon finder takes all the guesswork out of finding an appropriate group, no matter what time of day it is. This makes all those instance quests a whole lot easier and more fun than they were before. After all, isn’t it more fun to interact with other players and get the chance to take down some unique creatures to complete the quests?

Reason #4: Convenience – The fourth reason is simply a matter of convenience. Since you’re already planning on instance leveling anyway, it certainly makes more sense to complete the instance quests. Since you’re already planning on running instances, why not double how much you can get done in the same amount of time? 

Of course completing instance quests may mean a little bit of time seeking the quests out, and having a good instance leveling guide can take some of the guesswork out of finding them. Besides, you can always queue for a dungeon while you’re traveling to pick up the instance quests to save some more time.

Battles Of Prince Of Persia Nintendo DS (Dual-Screen)

In Battles of Prince of Persia, players take command of powerful Persian armies and go to war against the forces of rival nations. Unlike the acrobatic platform fighting found on other consoles and handhelds, the series' debut Nintendo DS release presents the hero's Babylonian adventures as a card combat game, not completely unlike the tabletop versions of Yu-Gi-Oh! or Magic: The Gathering. Using custom-developed decks, players vie for dominance in strategic, turn-based battles where available actions are determined by the powers and abilities listed on the individual cards in a player's deck. Wireless multiplayer competition and card trading are supported, as well as a single-cartridge hot seat mode for two players.

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Battles Of Prince Of Persia


PS3 Magic

If you wish to transform your PS3 into a powerful Linux platform, reach out for the PS3 Magic software. PS3 comes in a stylish design and is now no more just a gaming console. It is possible to convert it into a powerful PC with the help of PS3 Magic software. Many still use this console only for the purpose of playing games for which it was originally designed. They are not aware of the immense possibilities that PS3 has on offer.

You can do just about anything your PC can do combining Linux operating system with PS3. The process of installation is very simple and doing this offers a variety of possibilities and benefits.

On Playstation 3, only a few formats are recognized while running the default operating system. More formats such as WMV and Quick Time become readable as you install the Linux OS on your PS3. In other words, you can now play various formats on your console.

As Linux comes with pre-installed web browsing, installing this operating system on PS3 will enable you to access popular browsing platforms such as Firefox and Internet Explorer. These fast and efficient browsers are capable of outperforming PS3’s default browser.

Installing Linux on PS3 with the PS3 Magic software, you can handle your word processing efficiently. You can install word processors like Open Office or Microsoft Word and also directly print out the document from PS3. It is also possible to print out pictures and files from your PS3.

Linux offers unlimited options on PS3. This means, you can install any number of applications and games that are compatible with Linux. You can play Sega and a variety of other games. You can chat on Yahoo, MSN and any other IM.

At start-up, you can also choose the operating system you wish to run. You can use the PS3 default Operating System to play games and use Linux for your daily computing work. Ask anyone who is using Linux on PS3 and you will know that it is not at all a risky preposition. Using PS3 Magic to install Linux does not void your warranty on the console.

There is a strong reason why 8 CPU cores were used by Sony to construct the PS3. This gaming console was intended to be a multi-functional super computer. The first step towards this is to install Linux on this console.

Many have tried to install Linux on PS3 on their own. They have given up in frustration after trying installing this OS on their console with the help of spam guides. PS3 Magic solves the problem in one stroke. This software guide is the best option for installing Linux on PS3. It is easy to use and will take you step by step through the simple process.

All you have to do is to download PS3 Magic and run it even as you are guided through clear instructions on the screen. PS3 Magic can be used on as many PS3 gaming consoles as you want. So, what are you waiting for? Reach out for this wonderful software guide and transform your Play Station gaming console into a multi-functional PC.

Cabela's Big Game Hunter 2010 - [Xbox 360] – Used

Activision's best-selling hunting series continues with Cabela's Big Game Hunter 2010. This version focuses on a story-driven campaign starring a young but talented hunter named Jack Wilde. As Wilde, you'll need to overcome a number of environmental dangers, from turbulent streams and rolling logs to treacherous cliffs and avalanches, while stalking your prey. Once your target is in your sights, you'll need to steady your grip as you deal with simulated breathing, wind, and other variables that can influence the accuracy of your shot. Seek out cover points to earn bonuses and unlock new areas by receiving medals for top performances. In addition to the main campaign, Big Game Hunter 2010 also includes a fast-paced shooting gallery with waterfowl, upland birds, and small game serving as targets.

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Cabela's Big Game Hunter 2010

Free Games to Play Online

It is not surprising that the world is taken by the internet. Indeed! The Internet has entertained many people around the world most likely through e-mail, chats or through free online games. And its true that people want to spend hours on the internet so they really remove some time from their daily schedule. Naturally, internet is a fantastic place to hang out, isn't it? Not only the youngsters, but even the kids and elder generation love to spend hours and hours on the internet. In fact, internet is kind of an addiction which has made the entire world revolve around it. And you know for what reason are people addicted to the internet? Maybe because of latest information, reports, improvements happening around or simply to have fun, people do spend a lot of time on the web! Well, when we speak about having fun on the internet, it means you pass your leisure time in some activity that we love to do online. Among all other activities, people love free games to play online. You can easily access free games to play on the internet.

Keeping in mind the unique choice of each person in online gaming world, there are many online gaming websites that enable you to enjoy countless games totally free. There are different games for boys, girls, elders and everyone in this whole world. Boys love racing games, tough bike games, dirty car game, kickboxing, fighting and so on. whereas seniors love to solve crossword puzzle, play chess, number game, word game and so on. However, girls have a different choice when it comes to playing games. Females enjoy playing cooking games, dress-up games, decorating games, recipe games and many others. So from a wide variety of online games accessible on the internet, there are numerous online games that you will enjoy playing with fun and pleasure. Not just girls love these kinds of free online games, however people from all age groups and any gender enjoy playing these free games to play online. 

Well, you might be confused about the online site that offers best free games to play online. From countless internet sites that provide free games to play online, you need to select a reliable gaming website that offers a variety of games that suit your interest. Make sure that the online gaming site you choose must be safe enough to play and doesn't have any malicious content that may be downloaded while you enjoy playing games online. You may either read reviews or check the user rating to find a good and reliable online gaming website that gives you finest and most latest games that you are interested in. The reviews and feedback posted on the websites will help you know which is a safe and secure site to play online games. Moreover, you should find such games that are free and interesting to play online. Once you see such an incredible and reputable gaming website that gives you best games like cooking games for girls or funny games for kids, then you can certainly get connected and spend hours playing your favorite free games online. 

Enjoy playing Cooking Games for Girls and Funny Games for free! by Jamie Hanson
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Features of a Good Instance Leveling Guide

The new way to power level your World of Warcraft characters is by instance leveling, which pretty much means all the old leveling guides are obsolete. Thankfully, there are now some good instance leveling guides available, like Dugi’s Dungeon Leveling Guide. Let’s take a closer look at the major differences between traditional WoW leveling guides and the new instance leveling guide.

Levels 1-16
You can’t even use the new dungeon finder tool until your toon reaches level 15, which means the first 15 levels have to be done the traditional way: through quests and experience from killing monsters. This means that your instance leveling guide will look much the same as traditional guides in the beginning, but that will all change when you reach level 16. The reason a good instance leveling guide recommends that you wait until level 16 to begin instance leveling is because you only train your new skills on the even levels. This means it is really more convenient to wait until you train your level 16 skills, and then begin instance leveling with the dungeon finder.

Complete List of Instance Quests
Once you reach level 16, a good instance leveling guide will have a complete layout of all the instance quests. The easiest way to maximize the experience you gain from all of those instance runs is to complete the quests that are available for each instance. Instance quests give you more experience and better gear bonuses than any of the solo quests, so Blizzard has certainly made it worth your while to complete the instance quests.

The biggest problem with completing instance quests is that you simply don’t know where to pick them up. Even the most experienced WoW players may queue for a random instance and end up somewhere they’ve never been before, especially if they’ve never used instance leveling to level a character. This is why a good list of instance quests for each dungeon is an important tool for the power leveler.

The Best of Both Worlds
Another important feature of a good instance leveling guide is a listing of the pre-requisite quests. All characters need to complete certain quests before they are eligible for specific instance quests. Dugi’s Dungeon Leveling Guide will make sure you spend your downtime completing pre-requisite quests instead of wasting your time on other quests that have nothing to do with instance leveling.

Instance Maps
When Blizzard originally set up the classic and Burning Crusade dungeons, they didn’t plan on those instances being played very much, and so, consequently, they didn’t create maps for them. This can make it very difficult to complete the older instances, especially if you have never been in them and have no idea where you’re going. This is compounded by the fact that those older dungeons tend to be very long and full of winding passages that seem to go nowhere. Instance leveling guides like Dugi’s Dungeon Leveling guide include complete maps for all of the older instances, making a run through them pure joy and very simple.  

Iron Man - [Xbox 360] – Used

Inspired by Marvel's summer-2008 cinema, Iron Man returns to consoles and handhelds in a concurrently released combat action game. Players take the role of the troubled engineering genius (and billionaire) Tony Stark, creator of a powerful suit of high-tech armor he wears to become the title hero. Combat takes place both on the ground and in the air, and players have access to the hero's power armor abilities, including rocket boots and repulsor rays. The game plays out across large, open, multi-objective battlefields, where Iron Man can re-purpose objects and equipment to attack enemies or cripple their defenses, as well as put his suits' arsenal to good use. As in the film and comics, different armor suit options become available as the story progresses, offering different powers. Exclusive to the Xbox 360 release is the "Silver Centurion" suit.

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Iron Man

Play some free online games and have a gala time

With the progression in the arena of online games, the rivalry in this industry has increased drastically with its global acclaim. In order to carry on in this sphere of superiority, people behind the brains had to make some of the online games free of charge to play on the Internet. These games are quite well-known among teens as well as grown-ups. At least 60 percent of the current youngsters go for online games when they want to relax and quell the time. Popular social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, Hi5 and Orkut have totally transformed this forte and people especially young blood are hooked to it. One has only look at the sites to see the wide range and anticipation about games like farville, kissing games, dress-up games and the like to understand the new trends.

If you are on the lookout for some amazing fun and thrill turn to the World Wide Web for a plethora of free online games. Online play games are definitely a cool way to kill your spare time as well as ensure that you take an earned break from school or regular work. You don’t need any special device or gear that cost the moon just a simple desktop with an internet connection will do. Several entrepreneurs have made a mint in this field; such is the universal popularity of online games which are of course free of cost. You will be able to play lots of online play-offs that have artistic gaming devises, fabulous graphics, humorous playing procedures and concepts.

Game makers are continually building funny as well as nerve rankling games to keep up the glossy stature of their gaming portals and they keep on adding new dimensions to popular games. These gaming challenges can fetch more mirth and hilarity to players because of their comical conceptions and graphics. For busy people with unswerving and frantic schedules, they can still play these online games, as a good number of them are small games. These play-offs do not require a more time and exertion in order to finish them. Cool games online can without doubt mitigate strain and anxiety, as they bring noteworthy comic relief and animation to you.

The trend of free online games has echoed the general growth of computer networking from local internet connectivity. Online games vary from easy textual games to games that slot in multifarious graphics and effective worlds filled by many gamers at the same time. numerous web portals make it their mission to entertain, amuse and relieve.

These days free online games are really popular among children’s. You will find lots of online game sites. These sites offers free online games for kids. by Kunal Shukla

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PS3 magic scam

Are you a Playstation 3 user? Then you might have heard about PS3 Magic. The developers claim that it is the best product for those who want to have Linux on their gaming console. We have reviewed many digital products, so we decided to review PS3 magic and find out whether it is a genuine product or a scam.

We reviewed the features, ease of use and bonuses of PS3 Magic.

PS3 Magic features
PS3 Magic comes with a lot of features that help you turn your PS3 into a powerful PC. Once installed it, you can use your gaming console for playing movies, music and DVDs. It allows you to make use of the pre installed web browsing functionality that comes with all Linux versions. You can type Word documents and print them directly from your PS3.

PS3 Magic has been updated to allow you to run Windows on your PS3. This feature lets you download and run different applications and gives you a regular desktop like feel.

PS3 Magic allows you to connect with your friends and talk with them on an instant messaging program. Its dual boot feature lets you choose the operating system you want to run. This is the most convenient feature we have ever found. It lets you move from one operating system to another.

Keeps your warranty intact
Installing Linux on your gaming console will not void your warranty. Hence, there is no risk in installing the operating system on your PS3. This is a clear proof for the genuineness of PS3 magic.

Ease of use
It is very easy to install the operating system on your gaming console with this software. You just need to follow the instructions provided. You can use it even if you do not have any technical knowledge. T it does not also require you to modify any hardware. Ps3 Magic requires you to put very little effort to get whatever you want to get in your PS3. You can download lots of applications and use them, whilst enjoying the same gaming experience.

PS3 Magic lets you get free updates as and when any new features are added, so you can run it efficiently always.

You can get some bonuses, while buying this software product. “how to backup saved games from a PS3 to a pc” is one of the bonus programs that  helps you understand how to backup your saved game files and protect them against risks. How to backup PS3 games is another bonus program that helps you load the backup games easily.

PS3 Magic – why it is great?
According to my in-depth analysis, we feel that PS3 Magic is an excellent product. The price of PS3 Magic is very affordable.  It is a cheaper alternative to buying a new computer. You can use it for as many PS3 as you want. There is no restriction for it. It comes with 60day money back guarantee, so there is no risk to give a try. 

Is Empire & Allies Secret Worth Its Cost?

When a friend in Facebook told to take a look at the latest guide for Empire & Allies, I was quite skeptical about the whole thing. I wondered why I should need a guide for a simple Facebook game, particularly because I was already highly knowledgeable about the other Facebook games of Zynga like CityVille, FarmVille, FrontierVille, and PyramidVille, as well as several other popular Facebook games such as Monster Galaxy, Army Attack, Zuma Blitz, Bubble Saga, and Monster Wars. However, when I really started playing the game and had landed in the red after 10 days, I realized that a guide might actually be necessary.

When I went through the tips offered by Empire & Allies Secrets guide authored by Tony ‘T Dub’ Sanders that my friend had suggested, I was truly impressed. When I actually applied the techniques and strategies of this guide, I was even more surprised. From level 8, I shot up to level 42 within 4 days. Now I own a huge empire and a fighting force that is a real threat to the ‘Dark Alliance’. In particular, advises like constructing industrial buildings to generate huge funds had been quite useful for my sudden success.

It is definitely possible that you are also struggling in building your empire in this latest craze of Facebook. Just think of the substantial amount that you had already lost in a fortnight by playing Empire and Allies without a proper guide. When you consider the money you had squandered and the massive funds that you are going to generate within a very short time, the cost of Empires & Allies Secrets is worth every cent that you pay for it. In fact, it is going to be one of the best decisions that you had ever taken in your life.

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Instance Leveling

Instance leveling is the latest trend for World of Warcarft players wanting to take their characters from level 1 to 80 in the shortest amount of time. Many players are now watching each and every level just fly by, often leveling at least once or twice in just one instance. Never before has it been so easy to find a group, and WoW players are is eating up the experience like it going out of style.

The History of Instance Leveling
Instance leveling is a rather new phenomenon. It came about with patch 3.3 in the Wrath of the Lich King expansion. Before the dungeon finder existed, players had to search for groups themselves, which can be very difficult if you don’t have a lot of friends with toons that are about the same level as yours. The old method of finding groups was made even more difficult by the fact that it was limited to your own server. Thankfully, the dungeon finder changed all that.

How to Use the Dungeon Finder
Using the dungeon finder to find groups for instance leveling makes it very easy to experience the group portions of the game. You can find groups even during your server’s off times because the finder brings together WoW players from all of the servers in your server group.

To use the dungeon finder, just click on the “Looking for Group” button on the bottom of your interface. It looks a lot like a large green eye. You’ll have to select a role and then go. If you’re a DPS class, you may find that the wait is quite long. This is why it’s best to complete some solo quests while you’re waiting for your instance to come up. Just make sure you’re not away from your keyboard when the instance pops up because it will kick you out if you don’t click “accept” within 30 seconds of the instance becoming available. There’s nothing more annoying than waiting for 20 minutes for an instance and then being kicked out of the queue because you were AFK for a moment.

Instance Leveling Guides
Whether you’re planning to complete solo quests or not, it’s not a bad idea to have an instance leveling guide to help you. Instance leveling guides like Dugi’s Dungeon Leveling Guide will tell you which solo quests to do in order for your toon to become eligible for the quests that can be done inside of the instances. The time you spend waiting for your instance to become available is the perfect time to do these prerequisite solo quests. Of course tanks won’t have much of a wait time when it comes to instance leveling, so they may want to carve out some time to complete these prerequisite quests separately. On the other hand, tanks can get into instances so quickly sometimes that they may not want to do the prerequisite quests. However, it’s important to remember that there are plenty of bonuses for completing instance quests, so it may be worth the extra time to make sure all the prerequisite quests are completed.

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Soul Calibur IV - [Xbox 360] - Used

Namco Bandai's weapons-based fighting series makes its high-def debut with Soul Calibur IV. New characters, environments, and play modes highlight this fourth installment of the fast-paced brawler. A special tournament with a mystical prize has drawn combatants from across the galaxy. Familiar fighters from previous Soul Calibur games are joined by several newcomers, including Hilde, Scheherazade, Angol Fear, and even Yoda from the Star Wars universe. Characters will challenge each other in an assortment of exotic locales while mastering new techniques in combat. The one-on-one fighting system now features critical finishing moves, allowing players to initiate devastating, cinematic coups de grâce to weakened opponents. Characters also wear destructible armor, which can shatter during fights to expose vulnerable areas. Play modes include Story, Arcade, Training, and Active Matching Battle, an endurance-type match that challenges players to defeat as many enemies as possible. Custom fighters can be created and taken online for versus matches, and new equipment and other items can be earned by completing objectives in the mysterious "Tower of Lost Souls."

Online Game, Online Games, Video Game, Video Games, Fighting, Soul Calibur IV - [Xbox 360] - Used
Soul Calibur IV

Get paid to play Video Games?

The video game industry is a $50 billion a year business, and is always seeking game testers, also known as beta game testers. Video games testers can get paid to test and play video games. These testers work from home around a schedule that they make up and let the game makers know about any mistakes that are in games that are not yet released to the public. Games, especially new games or games that have received major updates, often have mistakes or bugs, and it's essential to the industry that these mistakes be caught before the games hit the shelves at the store. After any bugs are identified, they are to be reported to the company so they can be fixed.

Game testers are also permitted to keep the video games they test, making this a fantastic way to get paid to play video games and acquire them as well. This is a great way to get into the gaming industry and start a career in the industry, especially with the connections they make getting to know gaming programmers. Game testers have access to cheat codes, level secrets and developer codes to which only testers have access. Some of the requirements one must have to become a game tester are being over the age of 15, owning a computer suitable for gaming or a console such as Xbox or Playstation and a love of video games.

To get started in the game testing industry, it's important to have a great resume and a game testing facility nearby. It's also crucial to know exactly whom to contact at the company. Some of the companies that hire game testers are Activision Blizzard, Atari, Disney Interactive Studios, Capcom, Codemasters, Electronic Arts, LucasArts, Nintendo, Playlogic Entertainment, Warner Brothers Interactive, and many others. These companies do not place classified ads seeking game testers. Those who wish to enter the field must present themselves to a contact at the company in a professional manner and not be shy about how many games are owned and how much they are played. Those who test video games are in high demand, but this is a job that is one of the most sought after as well. It's a fun job and those who are lucky enough to test video games get paid very well to do so.

Game testing is a part of quality assurance and is a serious job, with assignments and deadlines, so it's important to leave the "hobby" mentality and enter into career mode. It is important to be good at playing video games, have a good eye for small details, and be a very organized person. It's also essential to be an articulate writer and have a good grasp of computers. Being able to take criticism is a good skill to acquire, because if bugs have been missed, this will be solely the fault of the tester. Gaming companies want their games to have no errors from start to finish. Advanced training isn't generally required.

For those who love video games but do not have a programming or other degree, becoming a tester for video games is a terrific way to get a foot in the door of this industry. It's not always easy to land that first job and those just starting out will probably make $10 an hour, but those with a passion for gaming can start out making $10 an hour and end up earning high salaries in no time. After receiving compensation for the first job, it's important not to stop there, but to keep making contacts so as to move up the gaming ladder, turning a passion and a hobby into a lucrative career.

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PS3 magic review

PS3 Magic is one of the latest software guides that allow you to play music, games, movies and DVDs on your PlayStation 3 instantly. There are lots of buzzes about this product. So, we decide to review it and find out whether it really works.  If you want to know the truth about PS3 magic, read this fully.

How PS3 Magic works?
Play Station 3 is a gaming console as well as a powerful PC. Many people use it for playing games only, as they do not have the awareness of how much more the console can offer. With PS3 Magic, it is very easy to install Linux in your PC. It lets you install Ubuntu Linux and Yellowdog Linux as well.  The entire installation process takes 1 to 2 hours, depending on the speed of your internet. You can play movies, music and many other multimedia files that are not usually supported by you PS3 with the help of PS3 Magic. This product also allows running Windows with Ubuntu or Yellowdog Linux.  If you do not have any idea about Linux operating system, you can use PS3 Magic to install Windows without any fault.

PS3 Magic is user friendly. You need not have any technical knowledge to use this product. It does not require any hardware modification.  It is an innovative software guide that helps you install Linux and Windows. It does not require you to undergo lengthy, time consuming installation process. The software guide is available in simple English.  If you do not understand anything, you can ask for help at anytime.

Using PS3 Magic does not void your original warranty. In fact, it is the only way to install Linux, while keeping your warranty intact. PS3 Magic does not hinder your usual PS3 gaming experience, but it lets you enjoy the additional benefits of having an Operating System. PS3 Magic is compatible with all PS3 throughout the world. It does not have any geographic limitations.

If you do not want Linux, you can remove it safely and effortlessly from your Playstation 3. PS3 Magic allows you to uninstall everything and restore your console back to its original state.  You can use it to play copied and backup games and various other software applications to get a feel of a powerful PC.

PS3 Magic offers 100% money back guarantee. If for any reason, you are not satisfied with the product, you can send them an email within 30 days and get back your money. This shows that PS3 Magic is a real product and not a scam.

Installing an operating system on your Playstation 3 provides you with the ability to use your gaming console for many purposes. It lets you open internet browsers like Internet Explorer and Firefox.

There are no cons about this product.

If you want to turn your PS3 into a supercomputing machine, PS3 Magic is the best option for you. It offers you an affordable way to expand the capabilities of your gaming console. 

Discovering the Best Way to Level: Instances for Everyone

World of Warcraft is constantly changing, and one of the biggest changes to occur was the addition of the dungeon finder. Instance leveling has since taken over as the fastest way to power level your character. Level by level, instance leveling simply gets you more experience in a shorter amount of time. Let’s take a closer look at the reasons instance leveling is the fastest way.

More Kills = More Experience
The reason so much experience is packed into just one instance run is because you have a lot less down time. Five people can take on a mob of four or five creatures per minute. That’s compared to solo questing, in which you, by yourself, could probably only take on one or two creatures per minute. When you’re instance leveling with a group, you get experience for each kill, even if you didn’t actually damage the monster.

If you end up in a good group for instance leveling, then you probably will also spend a lot less time being dead and running back to get your body. It is much easier to kill monsters in a group of five people because someone is always watching your back. Of course this part of the extra experience depends entirely on what kind of group you get, but it’s pretty rare that a group is so bad that you’re not getting more experience than you would solo questing on your own.

More Kills = More WoW Gold
Another reason instance leveling is the best way to power level is because you will have access to a lot more gold. More kills means that more gold will drop, along with more trash that can be sold to a vendor for more gold. The bottom line is, the more kills you can pack into a minute, the more gold you’ll be able to get.

Another aspect of the gold game in World of Warcraft is the problem of leveling your character beyond your gold means. Some of the traditional leveling guides have you power leveling so fast that you just aren’t earning enough gold to stay current with your gear and level your professions. However, the good news about instance leveling guides like Dugi’s Dungeon Leveling Guide is the fact that you can farm for gold at the same time you’re leveling. There’s no need to seek out any special areas to farm certain things because those things will drop often enough in the instances.

More Kills = More Materials for Professions
Overall, instances have better loot drops, both for gear and for other profession items like cloth and various materials. Although you will have to level your gathering professions outside of the instances, instance leveling should provide you with plenty of materials to cover the crafting professions. This will greatly cut down on the amount of gold you spend to level your professions, in addition to helping you earn more gold.

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