Isla Dorada

Jessica Pandora, a passionate young archaeologist, never could have imagined what her chance discovery would bring about — by mishandling a strange artifact found during an excavation, she finds herself transported to Isla Dorada! She is soon catapulted into a strange village filled with puzzles, where meetings are confusing and loaded with cryptic messages. Jessica is spared nothing going through an abandoned palace with intriguing corridors, crossing desolate gardens, grandiose temples with numerous enigmas and even a pyramid that is as fascinating as it is hostile, but no matter what happens, she must proceed. In the world of ancient Egypt revisited by the singularity of Isla Dorada, Jessica soon discovers an offbeat and teeming world where reality becomes blurred as the puzzles become more complex.

Online Game, Online Games, Video Game, Video Games, Adventure Games, All Access Games, Hidden Object Games, Isla Dorada
Isla Dorada

Online Game, Online Games, Video Game, Video Games, Adventure Games, All Access Games, Hidden Object Games, Isla Dorada
Isla Dorada

Online Game, Online Games, Video Game, Video Games, Adventure Games, All Access Games, Hidden Object Games, Isla Dorada
Isla Dorada


PS3 Red Light Fix - Get the Red Light Fixed today!

If you have the red light on your PS3 then this article will give you a way that you can fix this and get back to gaming without all the hassle of having to send it in and wait for 4 weeks for a fix not to mention having to pay out $150 to get this fixed.
So how can you fix your PS3 from home?

Well the reason that most of the problems happen is because of internal components overheating and if you stop the heat build up you will be able to play again.

To do this you need a good guide that will show you how to do this and the problems here come in finding a guide that anyone can use that will fix these problems.

You want a guide that is not technical and contains a fix that anyone can do, well the good news is that there is a guide that has been released that is getting some rave reviews and the reason for this is because it gives you step by step videos.

You don't need anything but a few household tools and you can be up and running in less than an hour!

There is also a cool presentation video that will show you which errors that the guide will fix and it comes with full customer support as well!

If you are having problems with your console then check out the full guide today and get back up and running with ease!

Linux on the PS3 Sony Playstation

The Sony PS3 is sold as console for gaming, but the Sony Playstation 3 actually is also a powerful PC which allows to install an alternative Operating System such as Linux..

People usually use the console fto play games, but the PS3 console can offer much more. If you install Linux on PS3 you will be able to use your PS3 console also as another computer.

However we must mention one problem. In March Sony disabled the "Other Os" feature with the new firmware v3.21. The update is not mandatory, but customers who decide not to install it, would be cut off from a number of other features such as signing in to PlayStation Network.

A class action suit was filed on April against Sony for the "intentional disablement of the valuable functionality originally advertised as available"

To conclude the Linux installation is still possible, but you should be aware that you will not be able to use some other PS3 features.

There are many benefits that can be achieved by installing Linux on a PS3 such as:

* You can use various protocols which are not supported on PS3. The PS3 Operating System allows you to read and recognize just a few protocols. If you install Linux your machine will be able to recognize and read many new data formats such as WMV, Quicktime and many other ones.

* Web-Browsing will be faster. Linux based browsers ares by far better than the native PS3 web-browser. You will be able to browse the Internet in a much more efficient and faster way.

* Word Processing. Linux will give you the ability to do your word processing and to print directly from your PS3. You will be able to install and use word processors such Open Office, and many other ones. If you connect your printer to the PS3, you will be able to use it to print out files and pictures.

* Many Additional Applications on PS3. The installation of Linux on your PS3 will give you the ability to install and use any Linux compatible application. If you install a Windows emulator on Linux you will be able to add also Windows applications,

The installation of Linux on PS3 will allow you to use Dual-Boot and to choose which Operating System you want to run at start-up. You will be able to use Linux for your daily computing activities and the PS3 factory Operating System for gaming.

Many are worried that the installation of Linux might make the PS3 warranty invalid, but it has been found that the Linux installation on your PS3 will not void you warranty at all since the installation of another

Operating System on a PS3 is not considered a risky activity.

After reading the above benefits of installing Linux on PS3 take into consideration that Sony constructed the PS3 with 8 CPU cores and this makes the PS3 a multi-functional supercomputer. Even the US Army has recently decided to buy more than 100 PS3 for building a super computer, The Installation of Linux on it will allow you to make full use of this possibility.

An easy way to install Linux on the PS3 is to first install a program that will eventually install Linux. One of the best examples is PS3 Magic that will guide you step by step until Linux is fully installed.

The program can be installed on the PS3 by either burning a CD with the downloaded PS3 Magic file or by using a USB memory stick.

Once installed the PS3 Magic gives you the options to install:

* Linux.
* Mac.
* Windows XP / Vista / 7

Another product, called LinuxforPS3Instoller, is an ebook which can be downloaded and contains instructions on how to install Linux on PS3 safely,

Mario Pesce is a Computer consultant and Software developer who has worked in many European countries (especially UK, Germany and Italy).  He is especially interested in IBM iSeries (AS/400) and Linux systems.  You will find additional news on the Sony Playstation on his blog PS3 Ninja  or on his website  Computers and Intetnet by Mario Pesce

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PS3 YLOD (Yellow Light of Death) - What causes this and how do I fix it?

If you have the yellow or red light flashing away on your console then it can be more than a little bit annoying and what can really put the icing on the cake is having to wait for 4 weeks and pay out $150 for a fix!

Not good!

Loads of gamers feel this way and for good reason - after all why should you have to pay for a console that you have already paid for that is faulty?

You shouldn't!

Well enough of the rant because today I will tell you what causes this problem and how you can fix it from home using a top rated guide that will show you how to fix this problem for good!

So what is the YLOD (Yellow Light Of Death)?

The Yellow light of death is called something so dramatic because when you see this it means that your PS3 has had a hardware failure! It is caused by overheating on the motherboard and you will need to find some way to get it repaired once you see this.

So the choice you have is to send it in and they will fix it for you, this is a good choice but the thing that might put you off is the hefty $150 fee for the repair and also you may have to wait for 4 weeks!

Which brings me on to the home repair solution that you can use to fix your console.

Now a lot of people think when they hear the word "D.I.Y" or "home solution" that you will need to be a rocket scientist to fix your console but this is the not the case!

We have checked around and found a guide that has been made for the complete beginner, it is called the YLOD Repair Wizard and it will give you a complete video guide on how to fix this and all other common problems and the best thing is that you can get up and running in less than an hour!

There is a full guarantee, nothing technical and the whole fix only uses household items so it is well worth a look!

Check out the full fix and get up and running today with ease! 

Fix the YLOD on Your PS3 Today!

Would you like to fix the dreaded YLOD on your PS3 today? Are you annoyed that you can’t find a solution to fix the YLOD? Well, today you’re in luck! We have some tips for you that could get your PS3 up and running in less than 5 minutes. If these tips don’t work, we have a second alternative listed below! The tips are:

1.      Check if there's a loose cable. If not, restart your console.
2.      Unplug all cables except the power cord, and plug them back in.

Didn’t work? Well, you could send your PS3 off to Sony’s repair department, but that would be costly and very untimely. This is because Sony:

1.      Take over $200 out of your pocket, even when it is a mechanical error on their part
2.      Take up to 6 weeks to fix the PS3 YLOD problem
3.      Make sure that all data on the PS3’s hard drive is WIPED OFF!

And I am 100% certain that you want the Yellow Light of Death fixed today and you want to retain all your hard drive contents?

So, we have another alternative, which is to use a trustworthy and reputable PS3 repair program, which has acclaimed success for being successful and number one in the world.  This program will fix the YLOD once and for all! But why do you need a guide, you may ask? Well, the PS3 YLOD issue is caused by a general hardware failure, whereby the problem cannot be identified without the help of an aid (e.g. a guide/video). So, we’ve done the hard work of searching for an excellent PS3 YLOD repair guide and found With this set comes:

1.      No need to fork out $200 in repair fees
2.      No need to wait 6 weeks for repairs (You get your PS3 repaired in an hour!)
3.      It’s safe, quick and easy
4.      You can recover all your info
5.      A detailed eBook with images
6.      Professionally made videos that take you hand-in-hand to help you
7.      24/7 personal One-on-one support
8.      60 day money back guarantee!

I highly recommend this method of repairing the YLOD and I know that you would like your PS3 up and running NOW? So, why wait! Simply visit PS3LIGHTSFIX.COM and get your PS3 up and running in no time! 

PS3 Repair Guide - 3 Steps to make sure you get a top PS3 Guide!

In this article we will be looking at PS3 repair and how to make sure that you get a good guide that will actually fix your console. Of course the option is there to send it in but what puts a lot of people off about this is the long waiting time and then you also have to think you may have to pay out $150 to get your console fixed!

Well the good news is that the YLOD Repair Wizard is putting an end to the waiting time as well as the hefty repair bill as it gives you a way to fix your console from home in just under 1 hour!

So why this is the best PS3 Repair guide?

Well simply because it gives you step by step videos to guide you through fixing the console that have been made for the complete beginner!

You do not need to be technical at all to use the guide and as the site explains this was taken into account when the videos and guide were being created.

Just because you play on your PS3 does not make you some whizz kid with technology so it is nice to know that the fix can be carried out at home with some household items.

There is a full guarantee on the guide and what we liked is the fact that it has a full feature presentation where you can see a bit more about what the fix will contain and which errors it will fix for you.

So if you are experiencing these sorts of hardware issues with your PS3 check out the full fix through the link below and discover how you can get back to gaming today in less than 1 hour:

A Detailed and Insider Review of

I’m here today to give you an insider/analytical review of the number one and most comprehensive PS3 Repair Guide on the net!

Just over a month ago, I had purchased access to this PS3 Repair Program, and was very surprised to see what was offered to me. Interestingly, I hadn’t expected what was presented to me, and wasn’t prepared for the surprise in store. On the webpage, the website listed many issues that their program could repair, ranging from the infamous YLOD (or Yellow Light), through to PS3 error codes and PS3 controller issues. Upon successful access to the member’s section, I was presented with:

·         Professionally Made Videos
·         Professionally Made Guides
·         Personal one-on-one help via email and telephone support
·         A member’s forum
·         Many generous bonuses that were of great use to me

I seriously had considered sending off to Sony, but after a quick phone call with one of Sony’s representatives, he explained to me that there would be a 4-6 week waiting period and that I would have to pay $200, as it was out of warranty period. But with

·         It took me and hour and a half to repair
·         The repair was a safe and quick easy repair
·         It cost me well below $200, actually I saved myself just over $160! I was and still am ecstatic

Below is a more detailed review of what was inside the package:

Videos- There were many professionally crafted videos, each one differently explaining the way to fix a particular issue on the PS3

Guides- The guide was VERY STRAIGHTFORWARD, I must say. There were many pictures and it wasn’t all fancy technical talk, making it easy for me to follow and understand.

24/7 Help- They really live up to their guarantee. I emailed them and got a reply within 12 hours on a Sunday!

So, I highly recommend this guide to repair a range of errors and problems on your PS3, from personal experience. You can visit them at!

CD Universe online games site review

Playing games online is a big entertainment. There are so many categories in online video games such as sports, action, adventure, etc. While playing online video games we don’t know how much time have been passed and we become crazy in playing games. In some instances we will forget our urgent works also. So, now a day our involvement in playing games have increased to that much that we can’t guess.

OK there are so many website on the internet which provides online video games, some game website provide free service such as downloading free games and some other game website site provide the service such as playing the games online by staying at website for free or at nominal price. Apart from this there are some websites which sells the video games online.

So, now I am going to let you know about a website i.e. CD Universe, which is established in 1996, and the CD Universe is a leading Internet retailer specializing in the sale of domestic and imported music CDs and Imports, movies and video games to customers all over the world and it offers everyday low prices and a selection of product that is unmatched.

One of the interesting thing is that, the CD Universe have been honored for their exemplary customer service and satisfaction year after year receiving awards such as the Bizrate Circle of Excellence in addition to top customer ratings on Yahoo Shopping,, and many more.

As mentioned above at CD Universe website you will find different categories under games section such as Playstation 3, Nintendo wii, Xbox 360, Nintendo DS, Nintendo 3DS, Sony PSP, PC games, etc. The CD Universe is giving the best service and you will find the games at reasonable price. The shipping conditions at CD Universe website will differ for the product, but usually the shipping will be done at the same day so there will be no worry about shipping.

So if you are searching for the best online video games at reasonable price then feel free to visit CD Universe website.

TimeShift - [Xbox 360] - Used

TimeShift is a futuristic first-person shooter that has, as the title suggests, players manipulating the flow of time. The game's lead protagonist is Colonel Michael Swift, who wears a sophisticated outfit called the Quantum Suit that grants him his time-altering powers. The storyline has Swift trying to fix the global changes he unwittingly set off while working on behalf of the government, making him a hostile target of his former employers. While advancing through the game's exterior and interior environments, players can slow time in order to sneak past defenses, disarm enemies, and avoid traps. Time can also be stopped entirely or reversed, allowing players to solve puzzles and to overcome overwhelming odds. The game includes over 30 single-player levels as well as online support for up to 16 combatants in a choice of multiplayer modes.

Online Game, Online Games, Video Game, Video Games, Shooter, TimeShift - [Xbox 360] - Used

World Ends with You Nintendo (Dual-Screen)

The power of the mind is the greatest power of all -- especially for a psychic like Neku Sakuraba. Yet by that same truth, a lack of knowledge and understanding can pose great danger. In The World Ends with You, a modern-themed console-style role-playing game from the makers of the latter-day Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts games, players take the role of the 15-year old Neku, who wakes suddenly to find himself in a busy Tokyo mall. Before he has a chance to even get his bearings, he receives a cryptic text message threatening his demise if he does not complete a mysterious mission. Designed specifically for the DS handheld, The World Ends With You features a stylus-driven interface that allows players to control two characters simultaneously in battle. Combat is waged with psychic powers, and collectable pins can be equipped to augment and add to the abilities of Neku and the allies he finds as he progresses in his given task. Characters can be customized with modern, music-inspired fashions, such as hip-hop or electronica, to match the game's original soundtrack. An included mini-game, "Ten Pin Slammer," can be played by up to three DS gamers through a local wireless connection.

Online Game, Online Games, Video Game, Video Games, Nintendo DS, Role Play, Action, Adventure, Teen Rating, Strategy, RPG, World Ends With You
World Ends with You


Online Sports Game for Sports Enthusiasts

Playing sports games online can be definitely fun. Online sports games are for those who are sports enthusiast but could not participate in the real game. There are many websites which offer such gaming facility to the visitors. Also, many of the websites allows the visitors to play the sports games online without paying a penny. Can anything be more amazing than this? Earlier, if you wanted to play any sports games, you had to download it from the internet and then you can start playing and if you dislike it you end up deleting it and start hunting for something new. Wasn’t it a sheer waste of time? Nevertheless, today you have so many facilities due to the growth of advanced technology. Now, rather than consuming your energy and time in downloading the game files, you can simply start playing it online.

With the availability of so many websites, it is juts not difficult to play different types of online sports game today. Also, such game portals design the games in such a manner which attracts the players and entertains them all the time. There are different levels and challenges set for the players which make the games for exciting. Only with the help of fast internet server you can enjoy playing the sports games online. The biggest attraction of such online sports games is that they are based on the real rules and terms of the game. Let it be cricket, tennis, soccer, football or any sports bike game all have the actual rules. Not only you can enjoy playing the sports games online but also you can play various bike games or flash games which are very popular on the online gaming website. The biker riders or the bike lovers will definitely enjoy playing the stunt bike games available on the website. Other than this, the flash games can be played by any age group. The flash games are basically for fun as well as for enhancing the memory power and improving the power of concentration. Such games are simple with rules and easy to understand. Other than this, it is fun playing such games online as they end up quickly.

The most essential things that each player or beginner should understand before signing up with any website is that be clear with the rules and terms of the online website. If you are just playing for fun and want to play as a past time, then you may not be much interested in spending money for such online sports games. In such cases, it is merely advisable that sign up with the free online gaming websites which allow you to play the sports games online or other bike games or flash games for totally free of cost. You can easily find out free online gaming website on the internet. But, if you will to invest some money in online sports games, earn money and win exciting gifts then you can surely play with some of the best popular websites which are reputed in the world of online gaming industry. by vaishnavikna

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Unlocking your Wii without a modchip

In order to unlock your Wii, you no longer have dismantled your Wii console and risk some major damage and lose your warranty over a modchip. Why? The days of the Wii Modchip are over…. That’s right I said it! The Wii Chip is done.

I know the first thing that popped into your head was a Wii without a chip is just like a cheese burger without the cheese.

Like you all know one you modify your Wii you’ll have a consol running at its full potential playing homebrew, backed up games, watch movies without and tons more… It’s really an endless list of what you could do with a Modchip’s Wii.

For years that was the only way. True power it has under the bonnet, and can turn it into an interactive media entertainment center. You will be blown away by the real power that is in your Wii without modchip.

Why do gamers really unlock there Wii?

Once you unlocked it you can easily download any games or backup any game you want and play it on your Wii for free; or bring out the old school emulators and play NES or SNES and Sega and about 10 other console games!

Now with the new technology and with the help of some real Wii hackers the Mod-chip has seen its last days for the Wii.

Now gamers are soft modding where you no longer have to crack open you’re Wii and solder a Modchip without experience. More gamers brick there Wii’s installing a modchip then anything. The Twizzer team are the ones to thank and we totally appreciate it.. You guys rock!

It’s an amazing piece of code that was created no longer than a year ago. It will unlock your Wii Without a modchip in less than 5 minutes and you don't even need any experience.

Want to learn more about unlocking your Wii without a modchip then just follow this link and you’ll see the potential…

The Best Instances by Level: Classic Dungeons

Instance leveling is a relatively new phenomenon in World of Warcraft. Players who don’t have a large group of friends who also play WoW always used to skip all the quests associated with the five-man instances, especially the lower level ones, but now the dungeon finder allows everyone to experience all of the instances. Here’s a quick rundown of the best instances by level for the classic dungeons, which are all the ones that existed before the Burning Crusade expansion came along. Of course some levels only have one instance to choose from, so choosing the best instances by level for those was very easy. You can’t start using the dungeon finder until you reach level 15, so that’s where we’ll start.

Levels 15-17: Ragefire Chasm -  Right out of the gate, players who are instance leveling through the dungeon finder will draw Ragefire Chasm, which always used to be a Horde-only dungeon. However, thanks to the new instance leveling system, Alliance can run this one too.

Levels 17-22: Deadmines -- This is the classic early instance for the Alliance. Many players always used to group up and run the Deadmines even without the dungeon finder, but now it’s easier than ever, and Horde can run it too.

Levels 22-27: Blackfathom Deeps – Blackfathom Deeps is an underwater dungeon located in the Ashenvale area. Once again we have an example of Horde players getting the chance to cross over and play an Alliance instance.

Levels 27-32: Gnomeregan or Razorfen Kraul – These two instances are pretty much a toss-up. Gnomeregan is the Alliance dungeon, and Razorfen Kraul is the Horde instance, but the dungeon finder allows players of both factions to play both of these two instances.

Levels 30-42: Scarlet Monastery – Levels 30 and 40 will fly by while you’re running any of the four Scarlet Monastery instances. They’re really about the same, and it’s very difficult to tell the difference between them once you’re inside.

Levels 42-47: Zul’Farrak – ZF is another instance many players use to play even without the dungeon finder. It’s huge, there’s an extra boss to do, and the drops in this instance make it worthwilfe for the entire four levels.

Levels 47-52: Temple of Atal’Hakkar – The Sunken Temple is another instance that seems to come up an awful lot for these levels, but it really can be a rather quick run despite its size, and you learn to either love it or hate it.

Levels 52-60: Blackrock Depths -- Players in this level range will get tired of seeing of seeing Blackfathom Depths because it is the only instance for much of this level range. However, the good news is that the more you run it, the more you’ll run across players who have keys to unlock new parts of the instance. Also starting this instance at level 48 will really help you burn on to level 50 quickly.

At level 58, your best bet is to cross over to the Outlands and begin running Burning Crusades instances, but there are a couple of classic ones like Molten Core that are still worth a run or two at this point. 

Dynasty Warriors 5: Empires - [Xbox 360] - Used

KOEI's action-oriented spin-off of its historical strategy game series, Romance of the Three Kingdoms, marks its first appearance on Xbox 360 with Dynasty Warriors 5: Empires. Players are once again charged with the task of building an empire by conquering 25 areas of ancient China through hands-on combat against armies under the command of legendary generals. Yet before players cut a swath through the opposing forces, they must first engage in a turn-based strategy phase. Here players decide which of the game's 75 policies to implement in the areas of diplomacy, product development, government, military, and more. Each policy influences subsequent battles in specific ways, such as being able to fight with reinforcements or to cause an enemy officer to defect. On the battlefield, the action takes place from a third-person perspective as players initiate a variety of melee, projectile, and magic-based attacks to defeat as many individual units as possible to conquer the contested region. New to this installment is the ability to issue direct orders or general commands to officers, offering a greater level of strategic control during combat. Players can also team up with a friend for some cooperative action as well as learn more about the real-life battles depicted in the game with the encyclopedia option.

Online Game, Online Games, Video Game, Video Games, Action, Dynasty Warriors 5: Empires - [Xbox 360] - Used
Dynasty Warriors 5: Empires

Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney Nintendo DS (Dual-Screen)

Capcom's anime-style legal series files a motion for continuance without Phoenix Wright in Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney. Apollo Justice is the new lawyer in town, picking up where Wright left off in a storyline taking place seven years after the events chronicled in 2007's Trials and Tribulations. While the three games in the Phoenix Wright series were originally designed for Game Boy Advance, Apollo Justice is the first title specifically developed for Nintendo DS.Players will use the stylus to examine crime scenes, interview witnesses, and present evidence at trial. Microphone support is included for yelling such phrases as "objection" and "hold it." During an investigation, players will dust for fingerprints, create plaster molds, spray luminol to reveal hidden blood spatter, and more. In the courtroom, Justice can read non-verbal cues to determine if a witness is lying. A total of four cases are available to solve, each involving a mysterious murder.

Online Game, Online Games, Video Game, Video Games, Action, Adventure, Nintendo DS, Teen Rating, Strategy, Adventure Games, Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney
Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney


Totally Free Online Games

Internet flash games give a lot improved expertise then you'd anytime consider in relation to them. The main cause is very simple. Internet flash games are usually totally free, pretty exciting and simple, they do not call for you to get High-Tech pc or maybe costly gaming consoles. They only price you small pounds to get a web site network. Online flash games are a lot of favorite amongst little ones and children nonetheless typically it is possible to come across also individuals playing them.

Little ones can identify independent addicted to colouring and dress-up games, whilst children get pleasure from bike and vehicle traveling games and many different arcades, whilst parents will just like the entire billiards, cards, puzzles and logic games and not to ignore the entire classic remakes similar to Super Mario, Pacman and so on. Big guys discovered that and nowadays we could discover a blooming firm developed of over the internet sport web pages, gaining variety of income in terms of advertising marketing.

And also this causes place for individuals that basically make these games to generate dollars by way of sponsorship which in turn allows individuals to incorporate their advertising or banners within games. Total its massive dollars business nowadays. Consequently in which to begin playing? Effectively you'll be able to sort online flash games or maybe some thing like this in Google, Bing or maybe Yahoo or no matter what search engine you decide, or maybe you'll be able to log-in to a single social bookmark management web page and discover what men and women suggest at this time there. Once you learn your recommended internet site you are able to pick type of games (motion, arcade, logic, puzzle and so forth.) and commence playing.

Trust me all these games may be a real time killer, even though they don't seem like this sometimes. Inside the finish, our planet of online flash games is exciting, allowing you steady enjoyable and excitement. They could preserve an individual massive amount of cash and provide you with considerably above you can at any time believe they could. Have enjoyable time playing them!

Enjoy the new trends of learning and fun with online games such as quiz games,     celebrity games and skill games. by robert shane

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Unlock wii homebrew, read this first

If you haven’t experienced the world of Wii Homebrew and the awesome free Games I’m going to fill you in on what it is, and all the new features your Wii could have within just minutes With Homebrew.

What is Wii Homebrew?
It games, programs, applications that have been created by gamers for gamers through either writing code (game) from scratch or using an existing platform and modifying it to either be better or add new features to a game. The cool thing is that Wii Homebrew is not licensed through Wii or Nintendo so you can seriously download thousands upon thousands of games and applications.

But for this you will need to unlock your Wii!!!
In earlier days of the Wii Homebrew 2007 when the console first made its d├ębut you would need to Mod chip your Wii which meant instantly voiding your Warranty in order to unlock your Wii to the world of Homebrew.  Now, thanks to team Twizzer for creating the software files, you no longer need to physically alter you console in any way which also means you get to keep your Warranty.

A great thing about unlocking your Wii is with software compatible with the Homebrew you can easily backup all of your current Nintendo Wii games to regular old DVD’s. Of course it has to be a blank DVD but that’s ok. So now you can put your original gamers in a safe place and play from the backed up games you just burned.

What else?
Play emulators which are games that literally turn your Wii into any machine you want from a regular NES to a Super NES, Sega Genesis, Atari you name it you could do it…

How much do all these emulators, homebrew games, applications cost?

Nothing at all they are completely free for anyone to download and it’s completely legal in every way…

The trick here though is that you will have to find the proper files and a guide to easily help you unlock your Wii to Homebrew… If you happen to miss a single file or not load one of the software you can easily brick your Wii console.

So if you’re like me and want to never have to buy a Wii game ever again because of a scratch, and want to play Homebrew games that you can easily get for free then you need to check out Myhomebreware.

Their guide is truly phenomenal; they have a fully illustrated guide and follow along video tutorials that will have you running homebrew in under 5 minutes.

The Best Instances by Level: Burning Crusade Dungeons

Instance leveling is the best way to power level your World of Warcraft character, and the new dungeon finder system makes it very easy. All you have to do is queue up for a random instance, and the dungeon finder will do all the work of locating a group for you. What makes the dungeon finder even better is that it pulls players from all the servers in your server group, which limits the amount of time spent waiting for a group.

Of course one of the things players are usually wondering about is which ones are the best instances by level. It’s just as easy to queue for specific instances, and sometimes you might have to choose a specific one instead of a random one in order to get the one you want. Here’s a quick rundown of the best instances by level for the Burning Crusade part of the game.

Levels 58-61: Hellfire Ramparts – You can queue for Hellfire Ramparts as early as level 58, and the amount of experience you’ll get from being in a Burning Crusade dungeon at level 58 is well worth it. However, you will have to complete several pre-requisite quests before you can queue for Hellfire Ramparts. Check your instance leveling guide to find out about those pre-requisites.

Levels 61-63: Blood Furnace – When you reach level 61, you may land in the Blood Furnace as part of random instance leveling, but you will have to complete the pre-requisite quests in order to be eligible for the quests that can be done inside Blood Furnace.

Levels 63-63: Slave Pens and Underbog – These two parts of the Coilfang Reservoir look a lot alike once you’re in them, and you probably won’t do too many runs through them before you’re on to the Mana Tombs

Levels 64-66: Mana-Tombs – Characters that use mana will be slightly annoyed with the Mana-Tombs because there just never seems to be enough mana available. However, the gear bonuses make this one worthwhile.

Levels 66-68: Auchenai Crypts, Sethekk Halls, The Steamvault: Auchenai Crypts and Sethekk Halls continue the storyline of Auchindoun, right after Mana-Tombs, and the Steamvault will take you back to the Coilfang Reservoir. Any combination of these three quests will do.

Levels 68-70: As soon as you reach level 68, it’s time to head to Northrend. Technically, the Burning Crusade doesn’t end until level 70, but you can enter Northrend at level 68. The reason you will want to finish up your last two Burning Crusade levels by instance leveling in Northrend is because of how fast you will earn those last two levels. Instance leveling in Northrend for levels 68-70 is much faster than finishing up in the Burning Crusade instances, mainly because the monsters you’re killing are several levels higher than you are. However, being in a group with four other people will certainly make it doable, even for squishy classes like mages and priests. 

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