Youda Fisherman

People have written about you, fighting pirates and helping people. Do you have it in you to help out people who are in need of help once again? Are you ready to prove that you are the helpful, fearless person praised in adventure books?

It didn’t take long before some of them reached out to you for help. The fishing company of the Mad Scientist is destroyed; can you manage to rebuild it? Help the Scientist face his fears! Work together and earn more fame! Learn trading techniques, discover new markets around the world and become the ruler of the open seas!

Manage your own harbor by gathering resources, building ships and commanding them. Use the inventions of the Scientist to gain incredible powers and help him rebuild his company to even a better trading empire than it was before! Travel around the world to test your skills and prove your versatility. There are many dangerous things lurking in the deep waters, can you find a way to battle them? Play this adventure and make sure the legend lives on!

Game, Games, Online Game, Online Games, Video Game, Video Games, All Access Games, Time Management Games, Youda Fisherman
Youda Fisherman

Game, Games, Online Game, Online Games, Video Game, Video Games, All Access Games, Time Management Games, Youda Fisherman
Youda Fisherman

Game, Games, Online Game, Online Games, Video Game, Video Games, All Access Games, Time Management Games, Youda Fisherman
Youda Fisherman


PS Move Submachine Gun Playstation 3 PS3

For PS3 users that crave heavy artillery look no further than the Submachine Gun for the PlayStation Move. It has the size and weight that serious military gamers have long been clamoring for. Plus it can be easily adjusted to resemble firearms from most modern and future combat titles via the removable scope and stock to also suit any gamer's personal preference. Simply place the Motion Controller up front in the barrel area and slip the Navigation Controller into the handle portion for a unique yet highly intuitive light gun gaming accessory. Includes 1 submachine gun body 1 removable scope and 1 removable stock.

PS Move Submachine Gun


The Club - [Xbox 360] - Used

In the tradition of such films as The Running Man, Hard Target, and Surviving the Game comes The Club, a fast-paced underground "sport" featuring a kill-or-be-killed objective. The world's most affluent citizens are gambling on various fighters to survive a battle of attrition. The game's eight combatants have their own personal motivations for competing, as they attempt to rocket through the ranks using whatever means necessary. Characters can be equipped with a choice of 17 weapons, ranging from automatics and sniper rifles to submachine guns and pistols. Eight atmospheric locales include a factory, steel mill, prison, ocean liner, and other abandoned areas from across the globe. Objects found within the environments can also be used to a character's advantage.

Game, Games, Online Game, Online Games, Video Game, Video Games, Xbox 360, Shooter, The Club - [Xbox 360] - Used
The Club - [Xbox 360]

Players are able to challenge up to seven rivals online or choose from the following five solo modes: Sprint, Time Attack, Survivor, Siege, and Run the Gauntlet. Eight distinct multiplayer modes are available as well, each featuring a cumulative score-based system used to unlock new weapons, characters, and maps. The console versions of The Club support local multiplayer action for up to four combatants via split-screen display.

Borderlands Signature Series Strategy Guide

Loads of weapons …
Only one official guide!

Main story walkthrough
Your essential guide to Pandora, a complete walkthrough of all 120+ missions — including class-specific strategies, tactics for co-op play, and inside tips from the Gearbox dev team!

Level maps
Find all permanent and quest-related items in every area of Pandora. Precise locations for all Treasure Chests, New-U & Catch-A-Ride Stations, Vending Machines, NPCs, enemy encounters, and much more!

Weapon system & Gun catalog
We’ve crafted nearly 400 of the most compelling weapons (including Legendaries) and detailed each one for you. That’s 40 guns from every weapon class for each of the nine manufacturers! Plus a thorough explanation of how weapons are generated, descriptions of available upgrades and ammo types, and the code to deciphering weapon names.

Vault hunters
Glean the full potential of all four classes. Essential advice on their skills, fighting styles, and developing the ideal character

Wasteland wanderers
A comprehensive Bestiary of all enemy types — level data, damage, attack styles, critical hit diagrams, and more.

First look at the upcoming borderlands expansion!
Be the first Vault Hunter on your block to preview scenes from The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned!

Plus: Survival Basics, Mission/Challenges Checklist, Achievements & Trophies, and two exclusive Claptrap flip-book animations!

Game, Games, Online Game, Online Games, Video Game, Video Games, Role-playing, Xbox 360, Playstation 3, PS3, Guide, Borderlands Signature Series Strategy Guide
Signature Series Strategy Guide

Pro Flight Simulator - Game Review

What can I say about Pro Flight Simulator 2011? This is the best flight simulator I’ve ever played.

It blows away all of the competition by far and it’s even better this year than last year.

They have added more planes and more airports. If you already have this you can simply download the new update they have for the.  I really didn't expect too much from Pro Flight Simulator 2011 compared to last year's version.  But I must say that is a nice improvement for only six months from the last major update.

Online Game, Online Games, Video Game, Video Games, ProFlightSimulator, Flight Sim Game, flight, pro flight sim, pro flight simulator, simulator
ProFlightSimulator Game

They now have way over 200 planes and also over 20000 different airports across the world.  I wish they added the graphics a little more, but that's still better than Microsoft.  Well, considering Microsoft hasn't updated there graphics for over 4 years. 

Pro Flight Simulator Included are a few new helicopters, and are very pleasant.  It looks like Pro Flight Simulator 2011 is going to be the show stopper for this year.  It is not just an aircraft simulator, but a full-flight simulator.

They now have jets, helicopters and even gliders.  If you have played some of the other flight simulators, you probably know that more than $ 100 cost only a plan to add. This is why I love Pro Flight Simulator 2011, it includes everything.

The price that you can pay for a plane to another SIM you can buy the Pro Suite Full Flight Simulator.

Let's talk about the airports for a minute.

While other simulators are generally in the area of the airport, the flight a deficiency has thousands of airports in almost every country in the world.  You can leave the US and fly over to London in one of the commercial 747 Boeing jets.

Just do not try to take a helicopter or an airplane; you are in the first surface ocean.  They even have an airport in Saudi Arabia, and it is actually quite nice.

They have also updated all the manuals, so you know how to take off and land.  They even included a new feature that lets you start out in midair just in case you can't figure out how to take off.  I wish it was this feature when I started playing; it made me realize a bit of time that you release the pause, before it can fly.

Pro Flight Simulator 2011 also has the best support that I have ever had the pleasure of using.  I had some problems (which were my fault) and they answered my support request within minutes.  I could not believe how fast they responded.

When the upgrade came this year, she sent me an e-mail that I know.  I was able to download and upgrade my flight sim within minutes.

Pro Flight Simulator 2011 is the best flight simulator.

It was already my pick for last year, but with these new changes not even the big expensive simulators can stand in its way.

For a realistic sensation of being a pilot, pro flight simulator is the best!  Hands Down… by Victor Buri

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Patricia's Quest for Sun

Patricia is one of the trusted maintainers of the the Homeworld given the responsibility of finding Sun. She sets out exploring a foreign planet in the hope of finding Sun. With the help of the Sense maker and her purse of endless things the journey begins. Let go of your mind and immerse yourself in this story driven puzzle adventure game with hand painted artwork and a custom made soundtrack. In addition to trying to find Sun, Patricia also has the ability to create custom puzzles and there's bonus content awaiting those patient enough.

Game, Games, Online Game, Online Games, Video Game, Video Games, Adventure Games, All Access Games, Jigsaw Games, Puzzle Games, Patricia's Quest For Sun
Patricia's Quest for Sun

Game, Games, Online Game, Online Games, Video Game, Video Games, Adventure Games, All Access Games, Jigsaw Games, Puzzle Games, Patricia's Quest For Sun
Patricia's Quest for Sun

Game, Games, Online Game, Online Games, Video Game, Video Games, Adventure Games, All Access Games, Jigsaw Games, Puzzle Games, Patricia's Quest For Sun
Patricia's Quest for Sun


Bluetooth Headset 2.0 Playstation 3 PS3

Sleek new design and feature rich to enhance your voice chat experience on the PS3 system and mobile phones. The official Bluetooth Headset for the PS3 system has been re-designed to be 30% smaller in size compared to the original model. It is sleek compact and functional for both gaming and mobile phone use. The features for mobile phone compatibility have been enhanced on this headset. Dual microphone design and noise cancellation technology have been built directly into the headset which helps filter ambient noise when talking leading to pristine sound for both the speaker and listener. Options such as 3-way calling and call waiting can be easily engaged using this headset.

Bluetooth Headset 2.0

Bluetooth Headset continues to offer all the great features of the existing headset which made it compelling to use with the PS3 system. It offers an in-game headset status indicator an easily accessible microphone mute button and a charging cradle which also functions as a desktop microphone.


Halo 3 - [Xbox 360] - Used

After two chartbusting efforts on Xbox, the enigmatic, genetically enhanced Spartan soldier known as Master Chief makes his highly anticipated Xbox 360 debut in Halo 3. The sci-fi shooter picks up where Halo 2 abruptly left off: The Covenant is continuing its plans to activate the Halo super-weapon and obliterate the galaxy; Earth is in utter disarray with only a few remnants of its armies intact; and the Flood grows stronger and more aggressive with each passing day. Your mission, as Master Chief, is to repel the Flood's advances, save Earth, and stop the Covenant -- no matter what the cost. Halo 3 offers a solo campaign, cooperative play, and multiplayer action via Xbox Live, system link, or split-screen display. The cinematic storyline introduces new characters, weapons, and mission objectives, with the enemy AI offering distinct fighting styles, tactics, and even personalities, all while trying to rip your armored space suit into pieces. Familiar weapons such as the Needler have been upgraded and are joined with all-new armaments, including massive support weapons (such as a missile pod or turret) that switch the default perspective to a third-person view, chargeable lasers, and a gun that shoots out metal spikes. Players can also protect themselves with bubble shields, reach high places with portable gravity lifts, disrupt motion tracking with radar jammers, and more. Vehicles are also a big part of the action, with redesigned favorites and new class types entering the fray, such as the speedy but fragile Mongoose.

Game, Games, Online Game, Online Games, Video Game, Video Games, Xbox 360, Shooter, Halo 3 - [Xbox 360] - Used
Halo 3 - [Xbox 360] - Used

The matchmaking service introduced in Halo 2 will once again bring similarly skilled Xbox Live players together, albeit with more customization options and a new streamlined interface. Players can still enter multiple lobbies, veto certain maps or game types, and so forth, but now they can instantly form parties with people they've just met for future matches, watch videos of completed games to learn techniques of the top Halo players, view detailed stats and rankings updated in real time, and squelch certain voices from being broadcast to their headsets.

Borderlands Game of the Year Signature Series Strategy Guide

This giant hardcover tome is the ultimate weapon for a game already teeming with guns. Packed with everything you need to dominate Borderlands and all four episodes of DLC, it’s indispensable, collectible, and HUGE–even Brick needs two hands to hold it!

Walkthroughs & maps for all things borderlands

Complete coverage of BORDERLANDS and ALL DLC (The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned, Mad Moxxi’s Underdome Riot, The Secret Armory of General Knoxx, and Claptrap’s New Robot Revolution).

Features enhancements to our original Signature Series guide

World maps and quest indexes for finding what you need fast

New developer tips from the Gearbox team.

All chest and quest point locations revealed on area maps.

Guns galore!

The ultimate reference for understanding the weapons system and how guns are generated, including the new pearlescent guns

Massive gun catalog details over 400 weapons–an arsenal of guns (including Legendaries) from all five classes for each of the nine manufacturers.

Exhaustive gun glossary decodes the meaning behind the modifiers.

Wasteland wanderers!

A comprehensive bestiary of all enemies–including the new DLC foes

Exclusive critical hit diagrams identify where to target each type for maximum damage.

Plus combat details for every creature, including level data, attack styles, weaknesses, resistances, loot drop, and more!

Vault hunter heaven!

Glean the full potential of all four character classes.

List of all class mods and advice for using them

Skill tress and strategies for building the ideal character

Game, Games, Online Game, Online Games, Video Game, Video Games, Shooter, Role-playing, Xbox 360, Playstation 3, PS3, Guide, Borderlands Game of the Year Signature Series Strategy Guide
Borderlands Game of the Year
Signature Series Strategy Guide

Flight sim

Possibly it is since I'm afraid of flying, I have continually cherished to play flight simulators and airplane combat video games since I was a little kid. I genuinely detest becoming inside a plane but without the tension of an airplane crash, it is really a fantastic feeling to fly .

The most effective flight Simulator was usually the Microsoft flight Simulator type e for several years. I have my personal gear to connect, multiple monitors set up, all for any btter flight experience. But following a while, I practically memorized all the all of the planes, all of the consoles and practically most of the maps. It was just like flying as a pilot for organization, no distinct than a bus driver. I gave it a break for several months, the majority of my flying buddies asked me why but I couldn't definitely clarify them that it was the game I was fed up with, not flying by itself.

Final week, I got an e-mail from an additional virtual pilot, telling me that he has discovered the cure for my problem and sent me a website link. It's the internet site of a software program known as the ProFlightSimulator. It was just 49 dollars and he also pointed out about new aircrafts and google maps Support, so I believed 50 bucks isn't something I could not spend for hrs of flying fun. I made the payment, downloaded the sport and installed it. It took me a while to create my controllers and alter them but following about twenty minutes I was ready to fly.

ProFlightSimulator, Flight Sim Game, pro flight simulator, flight simulator, pro flight simulator review, pro flight sim, pro flight sim review
ProFlightSimulator Game

I 1st took a cessna to get a check flight and received employed for the game even in my first flight. Then I tried an Airbus and it was realistic as well. Just before testing the multiplayer interface, I made the decision to fool around for some time and get to know this Simulator. So I flew for a couple of a lot more hrs, then I left off to satisfy some FS friends. They had been upset about me becoming late but when I instructed them about my new toy, they started asking question about the gameplay, screens, controller compatibility and so on. One of them asked to g oto my location and test it and I mentioned okay. So we went home and started to play. We also tried the surroundings builder which was truly fun, specifically when you try to fly a saucer around and below the Eiffel Tower. But obviously, they have place quite a few video tutorials, which seriously assist whenever you fly in an odd vehicle.

It's an actual Professional flight Simulator in the event you like, but additionally in the event you believe a little action would also be good, than this Pro Flight Sim beats the Microsoft Flight Simulator for positive. It even has far better realistic graphics in my opinion. The amount from the planes you'll be able to attempt are significantly extra than the ones in Microsoft FS.

I have already been enjoying it for about every week now and it certain is the very best Flight Simulator I have played in my lifestyle. It has action, realism, fun, shortly something you would wish to have inside a flying game.

That's all that I can say about this ProFlightSimulator, you better see it yourself. Please visit this internet site to start: pro flight simulator - by Jeremy Funkoqhiller

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Dark Dimensions: City of Fog

Silvertown was swallowed by fog and disappeared from the face of the earth 100 years ago. Search for a town consumed by fog! Unlock forbidden doors and uncover mysterious items in this thrilling Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game!

Game, Games, Online Game, Online Games, Video Game, Video Games, Adventure Games, Purchase Only Games, Dark Dimensions: City of Fog
Dark Dimensions: City of Fog

Game, Games, Online Game, Online Games, Video Game, Video Games, Adventure Games, Purchase Only Games, Dark Dimensions: City of Fog
Dark Dimensions: City of Fog

Game, Games, Online Game, Online Games, Video Game, Video Games, Adventure Games, Purchase Only Games, Dark Dimensions: City of Fog
Dark Dimensions: City of Fog


Rock Band 3 : Midi Pro Adapter Playstation PS3

The Rock Band 3 MIDI PRO-Adapter provides a link between traditional MIDI instruments and the gaming consoles. Seamless connectivity with MIDI-compatible Drums and Keyboards is now possible. With a versatile clip for use on a tabletop or attaching to an instrument or waistband the place-anywhere design promotes total freedom of movement. An Overdrive activation button coupled with full-featured action buttons and D-Pad for in-game navigation all deliver the perfect blend of video game and real-world rocking. Features a MIDI indicator LED and a fixed 9.8 foot USB cable.

Rock Band 3 : Midi Pro Adapter


Spider-Man 3 - [Xbox 360] - Used

Multiple storylines and adventures pulled both from the 2007 movie and original content offer Spider-Man 3 gamers several alternative journeys. Featuring ten plot threads, players may follow the quest provided from the film or create their own super hero story. Completing all paths unlocks content as part of the 100 percent completion bonus. Gamers once again don the red and black masks of Spider-Man and must face archenemies including the Green Goblin, Sandman, and Scorpion. Throughout the game players have the chance to stop crime by heading toward the highlighted areas found on the city map. Foiling the plans of bad guys can keep the public happy and provide gamers with lots of fans.

Game, Games, Online Game, Online Games, Video Game, Video Games, Xbox 360, Action, Spider-Man 3 - [Xbox 360] - Used
Spider-Man 3 - [Xbox 360]

Ignoring the pleas of the people has the opposite affect. Periodically, Spider-Man gets back into the black suit, and may use it to jump farther, move faster, and throw a more powerful punch. Both the red and coal suits come with a meter that is filled through skilled combat. Once filled Spider-Man can inflict greater damage to more enemies.

BioShock Signature Series Guide PS3

BradyGames’ BioShock PS3 Signature Series Guide includes the following:

A comprehensive walkthrough of the underwater Utopia, Rapture

Illustrated Maps: Discover the best route to each of your objectives and learn the location of every safe, secret, and enhancement that this strange world holds.

Evolve Today: Uncover the secret powers of plasmids and unlock your genetic potential. With these genetic mutations you can shock, freeze, and incinerate enemies, use telekinesis to move objects, and enrage foes to make them fight against each other.

U-Invent: Use our guide to create valuable upgrades to all of your weapons.

Exclusive Foldout: An exclusive poster features art from the game.

Completely updated for PlayStation 3!

Game, Games, Online Game, Online Games, Video Game, Video Games, Shooter, Playstation 3, PS3, Guide, BioShock Signature Series Guide PS3
Signature Series Guide PS3

A Realistic Flight Simulator

A flight simulator allows you to learn all aspects of how a real pilot controls the plane all on your PC. It allows you to experience how a pilot controls a plane in sudden changeable weather with hail, ice and lightening storms and if it gets really bad you can use the radio to get directions and contact the control room during the flight. You will control the plane in the realistic cockpit with all the dials, switches etc that a real pilot uses during the flight.

If you want to learn to be a pilot, the first stage is to practice on a PC based flight simulator. They're not expensive at all to download and will teach you everything from take off to landing. Also you can choose your aircraft from up to 100 different models from the 1907 Wright Brothers craft and World War Two Spitfires and Mustangs right up to the latest commercial aircraft such as Boeing 747's to the latest Military Jets. Or, how about military Helicopters? So, if you want to teach yourself the basics before going for expensive flying lessons and get the feel for it then online flight simulators are definately the thing for you.

ProFlightSimulator, Flight Sim Game, Realistic Flight Simulator, flight simulator downloads, microsoft flight simulator, flight simulator games, flights, combat flight simulator
ProFlightSimulator Game

You don't have to read lots of manuals and books as this is all carefully explained on the online flight simulator and you can have great fun while you're learning.

Flight simulators have been around for awhile and even flight training schools are using them to train new pilots and learners and even refresh 'rusty' pilots who haven't flown for awhile. Some have fantastic real scenery with upwards of 20,000 airports around the world that you can practice taking off and landing from - even more than likely your own airport close to where you live. Some will even allow you to fly right above your house. Look into it carefully though before purchasing and make sure you get the best so you wont be disappointed.           

About the Author: Visit onlineflightsimulations

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Magic Encyclopedia Bundle

Immerse yourself in this enchanting bundle of Magic Encyclopedia games!  Spellbinding adventure awaits you!

This bundle features:

Magic Encyclopedia: First Story

Magic Encyclopedia: Illusions

Magic Encyclopedia: Moon Light

Game, Games, Online Game, Online Games, Video Game, Video Games, Adventure Games, All Access Games, Hidden Object Games, Premium Games, Magic Encyclopedia Bundle
Magic Encyclopedia Bundle

Game, Games, Online Game, Online Games, Video Game, Video Games, Adventure Games, All Access Games, Hidden Object Games, Premium Games, Magic Encyclopedia Bundle
Magic Encyclopedia Bundle

Game, Games, Online Game, Online Games, Video Game, Video Games, Adventure Games, All Access Games, Hidden Object Games, Premium Games, Magic Encyclopedia Bundle
Magic Encyclopedia Bundle


PS3/XB360 Turtle Beach: Ear Force PX21 Headphones (Wired) Playstation PS3

The Ear Force PX21 integrates premium stereo game sound with crystal-clear communication on the PlayStation Network XBOX LIVE and PC/Mac to create the definitive audio environment for playing popular game titles on all platforms. The PX21 is two headsets in one-a stereo USB headset for chat sound and an amplified stereo headset for game sound. That means you can independently control chat and game sound from a single control box whether you're playing PS3 XBOX or PC games. Large comfortable ear cups with a lightweight rugged design provide the ultimate in comfort during extended game play.

PS3/XB360 Turtle Beach:
Ear Force PX21 Headphones (Wired)

The PX21 gives you a significant advantage because you can hear sound cues others can't so you'll react faster and take them out before they take you out. Unique gaming features such as variable bass boost chat boost stereo expander and convenient volume controls for chat and game audio provide a competitive edge that can make the difference between winning and losing. If you're serious about gaming then get serious about the sound.


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