AudioVox VBP3000 Portable Car Video Cassette Player with Dual 5" LCD Screens & TV Tuner

The AudioVox VBP3000 represents a unique "Video in a Bag" system with dual detachable 5" liquid crystal display (LCD) monitors and videocassette player combination. The included heavy-duty canvas bag with handle/shoulder strap lets you take the device with you wherever you go, with comfort and care. Both screens can be detached and held or mounted to the headrest with the included canvas mounting system and you can watch two video sources at once. All mounting straps and power cables are included. Other great features include a built-in TV tuner, remote control, dual headphone jacks, dual audio/video input jacks, and all kinds of controls.

There is an AC/DC power adapter for in-home use and a 12 Volt cigarette lighter adapter for in car use. Watch videos, watch TV, connect your camcorder, or even play video games or connect a DVD player using the front audio video input jacks. Play VHS tapes wherever you can drive your car, boat, or RV. It sets up in minutes in the car. Simply hang between the seats using the supplied straps. Even use in your home or office with the included in-home power adapter.

Car Video Cassette Player
Portable Car Video Cassette Player


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