Condemned 2: Bloodshot - [Xbox 360] – Used

One of the Xbox 360's few original launch titles returns for more horror-themed action in Condemned 2: Bloodshot. Time has not been kind to lead protagonist Ethan Thomas, whose twisted nightmares are quelled with the bottle instead of therapy. Ethan's alcohol dependency is a constant reminder throughout the game, as the source of potential hallucinations and visibly shaky hands when holding items. He becomes embroiled in another dark and distressing mystery while investigating the disappearance of his Serial Crimes Unit partner. In addition to surveying ghastly crime scenes for clues, Thomas will engage in brutal acts himself by performing an assortment of ranged and melee attacks. Players can swing each bare-fisted arm with the left and right shoulder buttons, with blocks initiated by pressing both buttons simultaneously. The analog stick modifies the types of punches thrown as players break bones and snap necks with proper timing. Weapons include an assortment of axes, guns, pipes, wrenches, and everyday objects found within the environment, many of which can be thrown. Over 40 finishing moves can be used to deliver the coup de grâce to stunned enemies, from smashing heads into nearby television screens to impaling victims on exposed pipes. More creative combatants are awarded points at the end of each level to spend on such items as brass knuckles, steel-toed boots, and more. Condemned 2: Bloodshot also introduces online support to the fright-filled franchise. Up to eight players can compete in four distinct modes: Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Bum Rush, and Crime Scene. While the first two modes will be familiar to regular online players, the latter two offer some twists to competitive gaming. Bum Rush pits two Special Crimes Unit members against six "infected" humans whose goal is simply to eliminate the outnumbered duo. The game only ends when both Special Crimes Unit members are killed, allowing opposing team members to respawn an unlimited number of times. Crime Scene features two teams of four: one side has to hide and protect two briefcases, while the other uses detective tools to track them down.

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