Viking: Battle for Asgard [Xbox 360] Used

Legendary warrior Skarin faces his biggest challenge yet in the Norse realm of Asgard: prevent an apocalypse by defeating an undead army led by a banished goddess. Viewed from a third-person perspective, Viking: Battle for Asgard casts players in the role of the sword-swinging Skarin as he fiercely hacks and slashes his way through hundreds of combatants. The world in Viking is comprised of three islands, each offering wide-open areas to explore. The action is divided into two distinct phases: the first involves Skarin roaming freely throughout each island, while the second involves taking part in large-scale battles. During the exploration phase, players can visit villages, complete side quests, and earn money. Skarin will also be able to free imprisoned Viking warriors on each island so they will join his army. Money can be used to upgrade weapons, acquire magic-enhanced runes, and learn new combo attacks. After a certain number of Vikings have been freed, players will be granted access to a battle sequence that pits their army against the goddess Hel's forces. Once the two opposing armies are engaged, Skarin must play a pivotal role in battle by singling out rival commanders, eliminating healers, and performing other strategic moves so Odin's army has a shot at victory.

Viking: Battle for Asgard [Xbox 360] Used

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