Chase: Hollywood Stunt Driver XBox

Chase: Hollywood Stunt Driver
Death-defying stunts are the subject of BAM! Entertainment's second Xbox release, where players slip into the shoes of a female stuntwoman looking to impress the movie execs in Hollywood. Crash Corrada is the name and explosive stunts is her game, or at least that's what she's hoping for. As the brash female driver, players will need to perform a variety of vehicular tricks to satisfy the demanding needs of the director responsible for the next blockbuster hit.

Three modes of play include Career, Challenge, and Multiplayer. Career involves advancing through a total of 16 movie stunt scenes after graduating from a four-tutorial Stunt School. Challenge mode develops skills in three events: Jump, which involves hurtling a car over buses, Stunt Point, where the object is to earn as many points as possible within an arena, and Stunt Race, which has players competing against a rival stuntman in a high-speed race. Up to four players can participate in Multiplayer Mode, which offers the same events as the Challenge but replaces the jump sequence with a game of tag.

Stunts include performing barrel rolls, flips, and spins, driving through props, jumping over various objects, and racing at high speeds while being chased by enemies. A total of four themed movie sets are available to drive across, each offering four scenes with multiple objectives. Completing each objective earns players Reputation Points, which are used to unlock the remaining films and scenes. To help Chase complete her mission, each vehicle comes equipped with an emergency handbrake, nitro boost, and a stunt button. Certain scenes also require players to eliminate other vehicles by shooting at them, which will automatically occur once the target is in range.

The movie sets represent a gangster film, a futuristic wasteland, a spy adventure, and an Asian city. Fifteen vehicles are available to drive, including standard cars as well as motorcycles, a missile truck, and even a three-wheeled Tuk-Tuk. Players can also watch replays of their stunts and save them to the Xbox hard drive. Chase is noteworthy for being the first game released under Microsoft's Incubator Program, which supplies independent developers with the resources they need to create games for the Xbox. The developer, I-Imagine Interactive, hails from Africa and is the country's first console game development studio.


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