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The Chronicles of Riddick

A stealthy first-person action game with up-close combat and light 3D platforming, The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena is a sequel to Starbreeze Studio's acclaimed Xbox action-adventure, Escape from Butcher Bay. Players resume the role of the nocturnally ocular Richard B. Riddick, first portrayed by +Vin Diesel in the sci-fi movie Pitch Black, and then in 2004's Escape from Butcher Bay and the concurrently released Chronicles of Riddick feature film. Riddick's ability to see in the dark gives him advantages in the shadows, where he can often pass undetected. When his cover is blown, his martial arts mastery and ruthless fighting style make it difficult to beat him to the punch, and gunfights are more common in Assault on Dark Athena than in the earlier game. The Assault on Dark Athena single-player story begins with Riddick and his current companion, the bounty hunter William Johns, in cryostatsis aboard their small ship, adrift in space. Riddick's "deep sleep" dreams (which serve as the game's tutorial stage) are interrupted as the vessel is boarded by pirates, who carry Johns off as Riddick hides in the shadows. As he explores the pirate's massive ship, called The Dark Athena, Riddick uncovers an injustice he can't abide and sets out to shut the entire operation down. In addition to the new sequel story, The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena includes the complete Escape from Butcher Bay game, updated for play on the high-def generation consoles.

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