Crash of the Titans game boy advance

Crash of the Titans
Crash Bandicoot is back in an all-new handheld adventure that involves saving his island from the diabolical duo of Neo and Nina Cortex. The omnipotent ones have transformed local animals into hulking mutants in a mad bid to gain control over the region. Though Crash has been in relaxation mode for quite some time, he hasn't let his acrobatic skills atrophy. He's even acquired a few new moves to tip the scales in his favor. The wonder-from-down-under can now engage in frenzied fisticuffs, using combinations of flying kicks, flurrying punches, and dizzying spins to subdue his foes.

Crash can also acquire the abilities of the mutant animals, up to 15 in total, after weakening them in combat. This "jacking" mechanic allows players to use each creature's powerful attributes and attacks to help clear the way of other enemies. While the GBA cartridge features many of the same concepts as the console versions, there are some key differences. Players will explore five different islands, each offering distinct titans to defeat and some familiar mini-bosses, including N-Gin, Tiny, and the handheld-exclusive Dingodile. The visuals are composed of pre-rendered 3D sprites in predominately side-scrolling stages, with vehicle sequences in between the main levels. Also unique to the GBA version is the ability to unlock battle arenas for players to hone their combat skills.


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