Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX 2 XBox

Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX 2
"Miracle Boy" Dave Mirra makes his Xbox debut in this sequel to 2000's hit BMX game. A total of 14 professional riders are available to play as or against through ten interactive levels: Woodward Camp, Trainyards, Swampy Trails, Commerce District, Galloon Water Park, HWY 47 Cloverleaf, Devil's Peak, Airport Parking Garage, Greenville, and Venice. The last two levels are Xbox bonuses. Four modes of play include Proquest, Session, Free Ride, and Multiplayer. The game also includes a Park Editor option, where players can modify a course and then ride it in either the Session or Free Ride modes.

As in most games in the extreme sports genre, Freestyle BMX 2 involves performing a variety of tricks in order to earn points. One distinguishing feature is a player's ability to individually modify air tricks, grinds, manuals, stalls, and wall rides to create over 1,500 possible combinations. Learning the moves will help players advance through the Proquest mode, which involves completing a series of level challenges and entering a competition, where players perform as many tricks as possible within two runs to impress a panel of five judges. During Proquest, players earn the "respect" of their virtual peers by performing well.

This respect is converted into Respect Points, used to unlock additional bikes and other bonuses. Also available on each level in the Proquest mode are ten to 30 gaps, where players have the option of stringing together a series of aerial tricks while attempting to land safely on the other side. Completing the gap challenges also adds to a player's Respect Points, though they are not required in order to advance. After completing a level, record-breaking scores and instant replays can be saved to the hard drive.

The two other single-player modes include Session, a two-minute ride through any of the available levels, and Free Ride, which removes the clock so players can explore a course for as long as needed. Multiplayer mode offers 13 contests in which two players alternate turns. The object is to score as many points as possible within three turns of 30 seconds each. Any scores achieved during this mode are considered valid entries for the record book, giving players a target to aspire to. Lastly, the Park Editor allows players to modify a park, selecting a theme, adjusting terrain, and positioning 20 objects such as rails, quarter pipes, stairs, and more.


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