Mad Dash Racing XBox

Mad Dash Racing
A racing game with a difference, Mad Dash Racing sees a horde of bipedal animals competing against each other in races on foot, instead of the garden-variety go-kart. At the behest of Hex, an evil wizard, these racers (a motley group of lions, hogs, and aliens) have gathered on a small island. The wizard is hoping that they'll collect the pieces of meteor he needs to gain untold power, under the guise of competing in a footrace. The racers themselves excel in one of three particular categories, namely, speed, strength, and flight. Proficiency in a particular category allows your chosen character to run incredibly fast, bash through obstacles or even take to the sky and fly for short distances. By collecting ten meteor chunks on the track, all three of these special moves can be performed regardless of your particular racer's abilities.

The Adventure Mode provides the player with tasks that must be achieved in addition to completing the race, and includes stunt, time-based, and cash-collecting challenges. The completion of these challenges will grant access to additional racers and courses, which in turn, can be used in the four-player split-screen versus mode. The game's ten courses are extremely large and can take up to five minutes to traverse. Shortcuts populate the various courses, and on occasion provide platform-style challenges to the player -- such as rotating the right analog stick to swim across a body of water. In-game music is provided by the likes of Moby, Fatboy Slim, and Propellerheads, amongst others.


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